Perfect Summer Cheeks


Summer is all about fresh glowing skin and your cheeks can make or break the look.

My cheeky obsession this summer is for NARS new Duel Intensity Blush in Adoration and Bronzing Powder in Laguna.


NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder is an almost matte bronzer with a slight and very sheer shimmer element.

It’s tiny gold specks allow it to act as both a bronzer and an illuminator without leaving glitter scattered all over your face and is subtle enough to contour with. The result is a beautiful light golden tan perfect for light to medium skin tones which looks natural with no caking.

I use it just below my cheek bone for contouring and as an all-over face warmer.


The Duel-Intensity Blush is NARS’ new magical babe.

It can be used wet OR dry.  On the swatch above the two to the left are applied with a damp brush and the two on the right with a dry one.  You can see how by applying wet you can really amp up the pigment or apply dry for a more subtle effect.  Adoration has become my new fav color-actually putting my go-to shade of Orgasm in the back seat for now- but most of all I love the lasting power.  I apply in the morning and this blush lasts all day long even in the heat!

Oh NARS you know the way to my Beauty-Addicted Heart.  A must-must-must-have.



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