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You’ve seen celeb’s rocking multicolored strands for awhile now and fallen in love with Kelly Osbourne’s lavender locks.  Have you been playing with the idea of turning your coiffe into a soft sorbet hue but was hesitant to make the commitment?

For the Spring Fashion issue of Desert Companion Magazine we incorporated this hot hair trend into our pastel themed fashion shoot photographed by Robert John Kley.  


Dying the model’s hair wasn’t an option so our brilliant hair and makeup artist Krystle Randall served up our cotton candy-esc hair through a trend that has been all the chatter lately in the beauty community: Hair Chalking.

The stunning hair concept  played perfectly with my styling and ice cream colored fashion palette.

I sat down with my pal Krystle to give you a peek inside our shoot and learn how you can chalk your hair to look perfectly pastel this Spring.

Q: What is the best type of chalk to use?

KR: Some hair chalking aficionados use artist’s pastel chalk from an art store (non oil based).  The art store chalk  creates ultra vibrant color but the down side is they tend to stain.  There are a ton of companies that make chalks especially for hair like Kevin Murphy Color Bug, Anastasia Hyper Color, Color Smash and Tint.  I had alot of hair to do so I went with Beyond the Zone Color Buzz Hair Chalk that I bought for $4.99 at Sally’s. The applicator ball allowed me to chalk the hair with speed and precision and the overall effect was pretty spectacular.

photo (21)

Q:  What types of tools do you need to chalk hair?

KR: Well first you will need some chalk, lol, and definitely some latex gloves, a spray bottle and a  cape or towel to protect your clothing…it gets pretty messy! If chalk gets on clothing, carpets, or pillow cases it can stain so cover the areas well.

 Q: What is the best way to apply? 

 KR: There are two ways to use hair chalk: streaks or the whole head. For streaks in the hair, take inch wide pieces of hair and spritz them with water (blonds should NOT wet hair!  The color will stain and its not necessary as the dry color will take just fine without it) Run the chalk through hair in between your fingers rubbing chalk on all sides of the strands until the color you want is achieved.  Twist as you chalk to ensure you are covering all sides. When hair strand is completely dry either flat iron or curl hair to lock in the chalk color. 

To color the whole head use the same method above using 1 inch wide pieces of hair, starting at the bottom of the head while the top of the hair is pinned up, color piece by piece, until the whole head is covered. 

photo (20)


photo (22)

Q: What is the best way to wash it out when you are ready?

 KR: When you are ready to to wash it out use a clarifying shampoo and shampoo twice followed by a conditioner. The color will magically disappear down the drain.

 Q: Do you have to be blonde?

 KR: Any hair color can use hair chalk. Blondes are easiest as you keep the hair dry and any color shows up well and bright.  But even dark hair will still take the color.

 Q: How do you choose a color that will work best for your hair?

 KR: Blondes can use any color!!  Dark hair should choose brighter colors to show up more. The beauty is the color comes out so you can change it as often as you as you want! Try every color have fun with it!


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  1. This is really interesting! I have heard of hair “inking” but never heard of “chalking”. What a great way to add some interest to your hair while not completely committing to it. Love it!

  2. I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair that color or any shade of pastel! It’s so pretty but I admit to being a wuss. It’s a miracle my husband and the sales girl at Lane Bryant managed to get me into a pink shirt and actually buy it. LOL

  3. I love Kelly O’s hair, but working where I do, I have a feeling it would be frowned upon. Being able to do it just for weekend, without it destroying my hair sounds like the perfect solution. Mmmm, I wonder what color to pick?

  4. I love this! These pastel colors are fabulous and wow what a great styling job! My niece really wants to do this to her beautiful blonde hair but her sister, the hair stylist, won’t let her. I will show her this article. Great job!

  5. This is awesome! I was already planning on going pink with my hair for our upcoming San Diego Comic Con trip this summer and have been looking over my options. I have never heard of this, but it seems like a great option for me. Thanks Christie!

  6. So do you think I could pull off pink hair? LOL….I’m sure it wouldn’t be as flattering but I always get in the mood to add a dash of color when summer hits. Who would have thunk it…chalk! I love it.

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