Perseverance and the New Year

Happy (almost) New Year!  The time when we reflect, set goals and make resolutions.

I thought this was the perfect time to talk about perseverance.

The flamboyant and colorful Betsey Johnson’s designs have been with me throughout the decades.

From High school to college and into my adult years Betsey was always with me in one way or another.  Whether it be her punk inspired safety pins and ripped T-shirts of the 80s or her youthful baby-doll and empire-waist dresses of the early 90s or her whimsical crinoline-esc swing dresses of the early 2000’s Bestsey was my go-to gal.

The world was on edge when in 2000 when she announced she had breast cancer- the cancer was detected early; a turn of good luck that resulted from a strange incident when one of her cosmetic breast implants lost its shape.

Then in 2012 I was heartbroken when her company filed for bankruptcy and closed all of the Betsey Johnson brick and mortar stores.

I went two whole years without her.

Rainbows, sunshine and sparkle made a return to my wardrobe when in 2014 Betsey made a colorful comeback!

Through sheer grit and determination she created an affordable fashion line with that same Betsey Johnson je ne sais quoi for department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom.


The New Year’s lesson to take away from Betsey’s story is that the true path to success is rooted in perseverance, and consists of reaching countless small goals, one after the other even after you fail or get knocked down you have to get back up.

Work your ass off and never give up!

So my New Years Eve look if you haven’t guessed already is one of my favorite Betsey Johnson Dresses.  Betsey is the master of the perfect fit for a woman’s body.  Every-time I slip on one of her dresses it fits like it was made just for me!

I paired this stunning dress with a gorgeous vintage faux fur swing coat, Valentino bow heels I scored in, a sparkly bow necklace and a bottle of Moet Pink Champagne.

Whether you’re all about glitz and glam, the little black dress staple, or one who loves to keep things casual, I rounded up some of my FAVORITE Betsey Johnson pieces perfect for however you decide to ring in the New Year.  Click below to SHOP:

I wanted to close out this post by saying thank you, thank you, thank you to all of YOU for your support.  Every comment, every click, every read means the world to me and I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!  Let’s show 2017 who the boss is!  Here’s to being the best YOU full of perseverance, grace and sparkle in 2017!

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  1. I am a total Betsy girl too, I remember every homecoming I would go and try on all the dresses at her south coast plaza location and sell things on eBay just to rock a sparkle pink doll dress for my special night! I still have a mermaid shaped light pink sequenced dress I treasure!! She is a true inspiration! Love this look I need to get shopping!!

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