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My 5 year old niece was visiting while I was flipping through an old photo album (yes an actual printed photo album).

She asked me “What’s that?”

I said “A photo album”.

She replied, “Don’t you have those on your ipad to look at?”

It got me thinking, most of the photos we take these days are on our phones.  How often do you see someone pull out an actual camera and when was the last time you looked through a photo album? I think that my entire last 3-4 years of memories are on my phone.  How long has it been since I printed a photo?

Even at work, I can’t remember when someone last asked to look at my  printed portfolio- they either want my website or a slideshow on my ipad.

Its a digital world.

Taking pic’s with your phone is super convenient but iphone photos don’t really lend themselves to printing quality images.

I am redonculously obsessed with the social-photo phenomena Instagram. I love stylizing my pics and sharing them, but again my problem was I had all these photo-tastic memories on Instagram that I wanted to print for my home and didn’t know how.

One e-commerce site has come up with a brilliant way to bring your Instagram photos home in a “why didn’t I think of that” kind of way.

Born out of the love for Instagram, Printstagram gives your photos a physical form!

Easy to use.  Select the product you want. Then the website will access your Instagram account and let you choose which photos you want to use! Quality images on high quality paper.

The Calendar

365 days of Instagram,  a tear-off calendar that offers a different Instagram photo each day!

The Poster

Choose from 2 sizes and black or white borders using between 50-512 images arranged in a clean grid.

The Memory Box

Offers squares or memory prints of every Instagram photo you have ever taken!


Mini stickers of your Instagram photos!  Stick them anywhere!

They also offer mini books, tiny books and more.  Visit Printagram.com and check out their products.

2013 is bringing giveaways back!

This week one lucky winner will receive a Poster from Printstagram!

To Enter:

First, if you haven’t already either subscribe to this blog via email or “like” us on Facebook.  Links to both are in the upper right of sidebar.

Then, leave a comment on this post between Jan. 9 and Jan. 16 telling me which is your favorite Printstagram product.

**for additional entries “Share” this post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- get creative!

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Here is a peek at the poster I ordered #loveit

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  1. Super cool!
    I am for sure gonna look at these and see which one i want to order. I’m already leaning towards the poster though.
    Thanks Christie, awesome!

  2. My favorite for sure is the Poster. To me, it looks like the nicest way to showcase photos that a person took themselves. Its clean, classy, and simple.

  3. I love printing photos and have used prinstagram. My niece had a really cool grouping of 16 different 10 x 10 square pics from prinstagram done for her wall. It looks so great in person. Thanks for your tips!

  4. So my framed photos will soon be vintage, huh? Lol. That poster is great. I might do that with my Vegas photos… Thanks for all the info!

  5. Ok, I LOVe the stickers. Too cool for school I’d combine those with my secret stationery resource to make the ultimate envelope seal to use, *drumroll*, physical mail. Too fun!!!

  6. You know that’s funny you say that no one ever prints out their photos anymore… Every time I upload my photos to my laptop I then upload them to cvs so one day I will be able to print all my photos out and put them in albums. I tried printing a Instagram photo out and it didn’t print the right way. Now that I know there is a site to print all my photos the right way I will deff be doing this 🙂 I would do the memory box 🙂 cool! Thanks girl 🙂 you always know the cool stuff!!!

  7. Oh my gosh! What an amazing idea! I have the same issue with the printed photos…I have all these albums of mine, and my husband, tons of my first two kids, then none for the twins! I LOVE this. Am so doing it. And, it’s a great gift idea, too!

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