Poppies and Jeans and Ankle Boots Oh My!


They say that sometime’s what you’re looking for comes when you aren’t looking at all.

As I was rushing through the mall frantically prepping a photoshoot I saw something wonderous in the window of Ann Taylor.

I know….Ann Taylor.. who would have thought!

This gorgeous Poppy Ruffle Collar Blouse is dreamier than a scene from the Wizard of Oz- yep I had to get the Poppy reference in.

I have been clamoring to include more shades into my blacker than black wardrobe repertoire and this was a perfect fit.


Russett Orange the shade Pantone dubs “Potter’s Clay” is one of the top color trends this season.

It contains elements of orange and brown and is a neutral that looks great on everyone.

I pulled this vintage suede jacket out of winter storage recently and really love the way it frames the blouse.  I wanted to keep with a fall color palette but not get too matchy matchy so I finished the look with this stunning mushroom colored Botkier wristlet and INC Jessa Block Heeled ankle boots.



A few of you have messaged me asking how to wear ankle boots with jeans.  There are three main ways to rock the trend.

First up, this is probably obvious, but don’t pull your jeans over your boots. Please ma’am don’t do it.

Roll the cuff of your jeans just above your boots to show them off.

The second is by incorporating a distressed hem which is all the rage in the style world.  It’s super easy, just pull out a pair of scissors and snip your skinny denim to crop them at the perfect length to show off your ankle boots then leave them un-hemmed and let them fray for an intentionally distressed finish

The third way is with a little smoke and mirrors.  If your jeans are too long to really show off your boots, fold the hem inwards and tuck them in, so that the fold is invisible. This works best on skinny cuts and will look like you’ve had your jeans tailored to the perfect length, rather than cuffed. Do this before you actually pull the jeans on, and iron the cuff to make sure the crease stays sharp and flat all day.  If you tuck your jeans and don’t do this they tend to bunch up at the ankle and look really sloppy.




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