Purple and Red and Band Tees Oh My!


I am not the kind of blogger that does tons of OOTD posts.  To be honest, because of my profession, I am much more comfortable BEHIND the camera than in front of it.

But….Spring is about new beginnings and change- a rebirth of sorts- which is why this week I partnered with my friends at Zappos to deliver a showcase of 2 trends and a styling trick in one look from their fabulous and easy to shop contemporary clothing department …. demonstrated on myself!


Trend #1

Purple and Red. Right now I am kind of obsessed with paring purple and red.  Normally I’m an all black clothing kind of gal but Spring has created a certain longing to add color to my life. Purple and red offer rich vibrant fantasy infused  color when paired together. The key is to not go Little Red Riding Hood meets Barney crazy.  Add pops of the two colors to a more neutral looks for a chic sophisticated color splash. This Mink Pink jacket from Zappos offers the perfect amount of color PLUS includes another hot Spring/Summer Trend, florals!


Trend #2

Band tee and Blazer. I love wearing blazers but sometimes they can look a little too corporate.  Pairing them with classic band tees creates the ultimate model off duty look that is perfectly styled yet packed full of edge.  I love this Pink Floyd tank by Chaser because it has an aged burnout tee look that gives it a vintage vibe and it lays perfectly under a blazer without the bother of sleeves crumpling up underneath!


Styling Trick

Hiding hips.  Spring has delivered a sour punch to all of us gals with hips in the form of cropped jackets.  This style often accentuates an area we would rather camouflage.   A great trick to draw attention away from your hips is by wearing a top, tank or blouse that extends just below your hipbone.  It’s ok if the top is longer than your jacket, this will create a smooth silhouette and pull attention away from that pesky area.  Keeping your bottom half  in a dark color like this Free People Solid Easy Pleat Pant will lend a little extra aid in your styling  camouflage.

 *clothing for this post was provided by Zappos.com Click on over to check out their AMAZING Contemporary Collection at Zappos.com/fashion

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  1. I love band tees! I need to start another collection…I’m totally a red & purple girl, too! So excited spring is here & that means justification for a new wardrobe 🙂 Shopping online makes it super easy to pick up new pieces to keep current without taking time driving from one place to another. Go Zappos! Thanks…

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