Rage and Rapture and Band Tees

I am having a serious 80’s nostalgia moment.

Between binge watching Red Oaks on Amazon, which by the way if you haven’t watched watch it NOW, and rockin’ out at the Rage and Rapture Tour with Blondie, Garbage, Exene & John Doe a few weeks ago my torch for all things 80’s has been reignited!  Burn baby Burn!

My husband is a band tee aficionado so the first thing he did at the concert was stand in line for t-shirts- that is, right after he hit the bar- lol.  He says you always want to buy your tee BEFORE the concert starts or during the opening act. According to his sage advice if you wait until after the concert the line will be too long and they may sell out of the style and size you want.

This brings us to my Outfit of the Day which is built around… this rockin’ Blondie tee the hubs bought for me.

Band tees are one of those things that you never quite grow out of. They instantly bring out a sense of nostalgia, are a great conversation starter plus they just look super cool.

Being a fan of contrast I like to polish band tees up a bit by pairing them with more glamorous pieces like this 1980’s vintage sequined/beaded jacket.  It elevates the otherwise super casual tee and adds that “something special” to the look.


  • Incorporate it into your usual style. You don’t want to look like you are wearing a costume,  it’s important to do what feels natural.  Whether that’s paring with a pencil skirt or distressed jeans it should fit your own personal style.
  • Age it a bit.  You never want a band tee to look fresh off the rack.  Give it a few trips through the wash.
  • Jackets, Kimonos and blazers can instantly elevate a band tee. The right blazer can take a band tee from street to office or happy hour instantly.
  • Add in some jewelry or a bandana around the neck to polish the look.
  • Wear the wrong shoes.  I know I say this all the time but if you think converse are the only thing to wear with a band tee you aren’t thinking like a rock star.  Heels, booties or blinged out sandals say”I’m a band tee pro”.
  • You can never go wrong pairing leather and band tees.

Stylists Tip: Don’t forget, wearing a band T-shirt is a form of promotion.  Make sure you’re a genuine fan, have actually listened to the band, can pronounce the band’s name correctly and can quote a favorite song.  Don’t be THAT girl who wears the tee of a band she has never even heard.

How do you rock your band tees?

What I’m Wearing: Blondie Tee I picked up at the Concert you can grab one HERE| X The Band Bandana from concert but you can get one HERE| 80’s Vintage Sequin/Beaded Jacket Similar Found HERE | AG Prima Jeans | Ivy Kirzhner Sandals | Burberry Handbag | Oscar de la Renta Sunglasses |

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  1. I have a graphic tee that I love but never feel like it’s “my style”, so I just had the thought to pair it with things that are my style! Should be a no brainer, I know, but I’m new to actually defining my style, lol. Anyway, I think I’ll tuck my tee into a pink tulle skirt! 😀
    Thank you!

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