Real Beautiful Beach Bodies


It’s Swim season and it ain’t easy.  With images of fit gorgeous models on beaches and romance novel-esc bods in bikini’s riding horses down the beach while the wind perfectly blows through their hair it can make swim season a real bitch for the rest of us.

Let’s face it, for most of us this season brings up a whole Olympic size pool of anxiety at the thought of being seen in a swimsuit in public.  Now matter what our size, we are instantly a 13 year old girl with body issues the second we hit the dressing room with a handful of bikinis.

One of my favorite ad campaigns for the season celebrates the many beautiful body types of women.

ModCloth tapped nine of its employees across various departments to star in a new digital campaign which features staffers of all sizes wearing adorable, retro-inspired designs by Esther Williams.

And it gets better. Because ModCloth was the first official retailer to take the anti-Photoshop pledge last year—promising to minimize retouching on their images—the campaign is as natural as it gets.

Check out some of the images that will actually get you excited about swim season and prove EVERY body is a swimsuit body.




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