Recession Proof Jewelry: Melinda Maria

We all love the jewels we see celebrities wearing on the red carpet, but few of us are willing to dish out the dollars for them!  Celebrity favorite Jewelry designer Melinda Maria believes “you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look like a Million”.

Melinda Maria’s Philosophy of design is to create beautiful, high quality that looks real, but is actually fine crafted costume jewelry.”  The result is stunning pieces that can be worn by celebrities on the red carpet or by anyone anytime they want to feel beautiful.

(above Melinda Maria Baby Mosaic  earring and Heart and Arrow necklace)

I sat down with Melinda Maria to chat about her captivating jewelry and unique concept.

Q: What is “Recession Proof” Jewelry?

MM: During the economic spiral, I decided to make my jewelry as affordable as I could without compromising the integrity of my craftsmanship and big designs.  Thus, I made my line so that even in a recession people could buy a piece at a great price and fell like it is much more expensive than what they paid.

Q: Why is Jewelry important?

MM: Jewelry is very personal, for me I have always loved accessories, even in my home.  A bold chandelier dripping with crystals or amazing hardware on furniture or bold pillows on a clean couch.  I have always dressed that way as well.  Keeping my clothing more simplistic and wearing fabulous jewelry.  I guess I have a shiny object syndrome.

Q:You donate a considerable amount of time to charities and even craft pieces from your collection designed specifically to raise money for certain charities–tell me a little about that.

MM: There are a few reasons why I love designing for charity.  First, people are buying a great piece of my jewelry and the proceeds always go to a good cause, you can’t beat that.  I also am such a believer in the power of spreading the word when it comes to charities.  When someone buys one of my charity pieces, it gets people talking about that particular cause and people love to wear a piece and tell a story of where their money went.  I have been very blessed in my life and it is my responsibility to do what I can to give back.

(above: Melinda Maria CURA Heart Africa Necklace 100% of proceeds go to CURA orphanage organization in Kenya Africa-CURA Orphanage is a residence for children who have lost their parent to AIDS. The orphanage is located in the Village of Cura, in Kenya, Africa. The orphaned children range from ages 4-13 and CURA is a complete care facility which covers all the children’s food, clothing, education and most of all a place to call home.)

Q: You have so many interesting and unique designs!  What inspires your collections?

MM: EVERYTHING can!  I just walk through my days with my eyes wide open because I can be inspired by so many things that I run into in my daily life.  I don’t just have to be in an exotic place–I could get inspiration from the produce section in the grocery store!  Shapes, colors,  and textures in anything can translate to art, so I am always looking.

Q: How difficult was it to create a line that is so beautiful with such quality yet affordable?

MM: I usually start with my limitless idea about a design and then I can tweak and translate that into something beautiful and affordable!  That part is really fun when we get it perfect knowing that so many people will be able to afford a little piece of Melinda Maria and feel good about buying it!

Learn more about Melinda Maria and view her entire collection at or pick up some of her pieces at a Intermix near you!

Melinda Maria wants to help get you Red Carpet Ready!  1 Lucky winner will receive a Melinda Maria Large Sun and Moon pendant necklace. (photo below)


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Leave a comment on this  post between Jan. 30 and Feb. 5 telling me your favorite piece from her collection and why you love it!

GOOD LUCK and Thanks for Reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is Vicky S.

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  1. I love to accessorize! One of my fave pieces would be the black onyx crescent earrings, although the necklace your giving away is phenomenal! I am into astrology so the moon and stars are my kind of style! Thanks for another great blog Christie!

  2. Oh what a great giveaway! I love that Melinda is all about kindness and paying it forward, I read about her charity as well, how wonderful! I love the Ganesha & Goddess of Power necklace it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to score a beautiful piece of jewelry!

  3. I actual own the rose gold “hearts and arrow” necklace and wore it last night. Some of my favorite pieces by her are the rings and bangles she designs. Although the next piece I would like to acquire (besides the moon & stars one) is the mighty goddess x2 necklace, 18K gold plated.

  4. I think Susie would like the Galaxy White Diamond Bangle best. She has always adored some gold bangles her mom has worn since Susie was little, and the sound of the bracelets hitting eachother brings back memories for her.

  5. Hi, Christie! What beautiful jewelry! I love the Hayden Mesh Gold earrings. Since I have delicate earlobes, I don’t like to wear earrings that pull them down (I tape the backs of my lobes with Nexcare Flexible Care tape when I wear heavy earrings). Melinda Maria’s Hayden Mesh Gold are as light as can be, but are still give maximum show without the weight! The size of them is so great to be noticed without the look of trying tooooo hard. Wearing the lovely “Sun and Moon pendant” would remind me how LUCKY I am that I am still a Leo, despite the fact that the astrological signs have shifted, and many of my friends have been ripped from their comfortable and lifelong signs and thrown into the abyss of another–presenting the question: “who am I?” 🙂

  6. I love that I get to find so many talented designers through your blogs, ones that I may never have known about! All these pieces are so unique! My personal favorite is the Nikki Pennie Serpent necklace with the green eyes. I’d love to wear that around the poker tables for that added “don’t mess with me or I’ll bite” message to give to all the boys. Great post!

  7. I absolutely love Melinda’s philosophy “I love designing pieces that make a statement, that when you put them on they become an extension of yourself. A bold cuff might make you feel invincible like WonderWoman or a delicate pair of earrings might help you feel sophisticated and chic.” With that thought in mind, next to the piece selected in your giveaway (which I would wear proudly) I would select the SHINY MOON & STAR NECKLACE, AMETHYST CZ. Both necklaces remind me of a philosophy I have always lived by, and one which I teach my daughter everyday; don’t just wish on that star, reach for it with every ounce of yourself and you will make your dreams come true!

  8. Her collection is amazing and it is hard to pick just one piece! I am obsessed with stars and I love the shiny moon & stars necklace and well as the heart and arrow.

  9. Baby Mosaic Earring, Peacock @ $105.00

    Simple, elegant, and colorful. Love the clear diamonds on top, although prefer the white gold plating or platinum. Baby blue Topaz is the most vibrant and clean color to me. VERY visually appealing.

  10. I have to say that the one thing that I can’t live without is jewelry!! If I don’t have something on I feel naked. I have actually liked Melinda Marias jewelry for years and it inspired me to make my own pair of Hayden mesh earrings. I get so many compliments on them, and I love how such a simple piece can make such a statement!

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