Relax for Less this Season with The Aveda Institute


Ok so we are about 1/2 a candy cane deep into the holiday season.  Yep, it’s here- already.

It’s that time of year when we cut back on personal purchases and splurges in lieu of saving our cash for gift giving which usually means no dollars left for much needed beauty rituals. #nopedicure #forgetthefacial #mybackfeelslikeimluggingsantasbag.

I have discovered the secret to maintaining your beauty rituals throughout the holiday season while still having cash in your pocket for gifts!  The Aveda Institute.

Last week I was invited with a select group of bloggers to tour The Aveda Institute.  I am a LONG standing fan of Aveda.  I love their products, services and corporate message.

The Aveda Institute is Aveda’s cosmetology school- there are 59 locations worldwide -one located right here in Las Vegas!

At the core of Aveda’s philosophy is wellness. Focusing on organic and natural products, utilizing essentials oils combined with mental and physical wellness.

What sets them apart from other cosmetology schools is their holistic vision of what it means to be successful.

More than teaching hair, skin care and body care techniques, The Aveda Institute’s unique, salon-ready environment puts students behind the chair, behind the retail counter, even in the owner’s shoes—in direct contact with clients, for personal, practical experience. They impart real-world retail and business skills, and strategic insights that help students find—and take best advantage of—the tremendous opportunities in beauty and wellness.


Students are instructed in the full range of cosmetology including hair, nails, esthiology and skincare services (if you know someone looking for a career in the beauty industry I strongly recommend they take a look at this school).

So how is this relevant to you and saving dollars?  Did you know you can get the SAME services with the SAME quality products at the Aveda Institute as you would in a Spa or Salon for about 1/2 the price?

I know what you are thinking “I have been to other beauty schools and received their services- it always felt like I was part of a classroom discussion”.  Not relaxing at all.

The Aveda Institute is completely different. All services are performed by supervised students in a salon type atmosphere.

I received a relaxing 1 hour facial and if I hadn’t been told ahead of time that it was by a student I would have never known.

The serene facial room sets the mood with low lighting, candles,, relaxing essential oil scents and beautiful statues. Each treatment table is surrounded by curtains on a track  which are drawn to surround your table during your service to optimize privacy and relaxation.


After your service there is even a retail shop where you can pick up some holiday gifts!  Two birds with one relaxing Aveda stone!


But here is the BEST feature: No waiting in line like other schools- you can make your appointment on their website and show up at your selected time just like any Salon or Spa!

The Aveda Institute is the perfect way to pamper yourself this season while still leaving all the dollars you need for everything on your list!

(702) 459-2900

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