Romantic Summer Boho

Romantic Summer Boho

Chunky Vintage Jewels, flowing fabrics and swirly maxi dresses are the things that romantic summer boho is made of.

Bohemian outfits and style, are grounded in the idea that you have the freedom to layer and combine different styles of clothing and different decades to reflect your unique character.

Vintage with hot off the presses, new with old and structured with fluid.

Boho doesn’t have to be all flower power, mid drifts and festivals!  With an almost unlimited number of ways to stamp your own character on the style, the bohemian chic look suits almost everyone and every age.  The key to pulling off the boho trend while still letting your own personal style shine through is to use two simple style tools I’ve discussed before:

  1. Wear the Wrong Shoes
  2. Pile on the Chunky Jewels.

Using these two styling tricks you can give almost any look a cool boho aesthetic- and of course some oversized sunnies can’t hurt.

Wear the wrong shoes.  Fight your instincts.  If you have on a dress that looks super feminine pair it with a chunky ankle boot or a clog rather than a strappy sandal or heel. This one style trick alone transforms a look from sweet summer garden party hostess to earthy boho goddess.

Pile on the chunky jewels.  Some well layered vintage jewels (especially anything that has a Native American Vibe) screams boho.  Boho jewelry is intended to be noticed, so aim for big and bold but with a natural feel. Choose eclectic designs crafted from leather, shells, wooden beads, turquoise or other natural stones.  My friend Polly aka The Jewelers Daughter has some wow-inducing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces as well as stunning creations she has crafted herself that will instantly have you looking like a boho pro.

Romantic Summer Boho

Romantic Summer Boho

What I’m Wearing: Popover floral maxi dress | Chanel Wood Slide Clog | Chloe OverSized Sunglasses | Vintage Jewelry from The Jewelers Daughter |

Some of My Favorites Tools for Going Boho:

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  1. Great styling techniques. You have a think for fashion. I love how your dress pops because of those striking shoes.

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