Scream Queens is Bringing Back FURLA Candy Bags

Furla, the iconic Italian leather goods company, first introduced the FURLA Candy Bag (or FURLA Jelly Bag) in 2010, and it instantly became a cult fashion hit selling out in both brick and mortar and online stores as fast as they could put them on the shelves.

If you missed this handbag phenomena the first time around get ready for the resurrection of the Candy Bag!

FOX’s Scream Queens debuted this week and those scary yet fashionable sorority sisters tout suite made FURLA’s Candy Bag the to-die-for hit of the season!


What makes FURLA’s Candy Bags so unique is their poppy yet chic blend of fun and fashion.

Lady-like yet bubblegum perfect these semi transparent bags don’t take themselves too seriously.  Constructed of a combination of thick rubber and PVC, which allows the bag to retain its structure while at the same time remain super durable. They are the kind of girl everyone wants to be besties with, PLUS the semi transparent aspect of the bag looks ridiculously cool when your phone lights up inside it!


I have SCOURED the internet and found two places you can still snag these hotter than hot little Candy Bags.

Trust me, if you want one don’t wait. They will sell out quicker than Scream Queens kills off it’s characters!

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