Screaming Fashion:Get a Killer Look

”This is my costume. I’m a homicidal maniac. They look like everyone else.” – Wednesday Addams

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble.  Halloween season is upon us, time for Horror Movies, Pumpkins, Tricks and Treats! 

All you ghouls and gargoyles may be feeling some cravings…. to add a dash of  Halloween “spirit” to your fashion. 

Its fine to be festive but be careful!  Going too far can be deadly to your style.

Here are some  pieces you can incorporate to get a hint of the season and a “killer” look without looking like your in… a costume…..cue Michael Meyers music….

New Glow-in-the Dark Zombie Stomper Platform by Iron Fist Clothing.

  These seductive heels will sit great against your flesh as you anilate Zombies this Halloween season, and they GLOW in the DARK!

Pair them with a little black dress and you’ll have other’s groaning with envy.  Available for Oct. delivery! Hurry they are a limited edition with limited quantities!

Spider Web Flock Vest

Step to the darkside with the Dark Nouveau Collection at Top Shop.  Velvets, lace and deconstruction Oh My!


Morticias Nails.  “Every fashionable lady of darkness will be drawn to Morticia’s Nails”.  Blood Curdling Red, Bone Chilling White and Midnight Tango. 

Bebe Neuwirth, 2 time Tony Award winner and star of the Broadway hit The Addams Family Musical teamed up with Essie Cosmetics to create MORTICIA’S NAILS.  100% of the profits from the limited edition MORTICIA’S NAILS will benefit The Actors Fund, the national nonprofit human services organization dedicated to helping all professionals in film, theater, television, music, opera and dance through programs that address their unique and essential needs. 

It’s for a great cause!

Grab them at or at


 Tattered Star: T-shirts with hilarious puns on the dead and un-dead ! Gents, sport these tees under a blazer or leather jacket with jeans and you’ll have a look that even the most fashionable dark prince would be jealous of. 

 Wes and his wife Michelle started Tattered Star Apparel in 2008 Wes says “Halloween is year round for us. You can’t keep zombies and vampires confined to one month. Zombies love Christmas brain.” 

Grab some at:


Custom Keds at   More selection than a pumpkin patch! Zombie Keds of every shape size and color..great for making a quick get away!

Tarina Tarantino. 

The Queen of Sparkle adds a little wickedness to your look with this statement making Memento Mori Skull pendant necklace.

Dare to wear it with a jewel toned color to avoid being too “goth”. 

Visit Tarina’s site for all things sparkley!



The Dark Queen Apparel.  Horror movie fans will SCREAM for these upcycled t-shirts from the Dark Queen!  Renee Anderson owner of Dark Queen while on the hunt for a great concert tee and not wanting to wear the same one as 50 other women saw there wasn’t much variety for women, so she decided she’d purchase a Mens shirt (as they were available in abundance) and put her seamstress abilities to work!The Dark Queen creates 1 of a kind concert and horror movie tees for women! Grab one at her E-bay store!


Trick or Treat? I love this time of year!  Here is this weeks creepy giveaway !

  • Tattered Star Apparel wants to keep you screaming!  1 Lucky winner will receive the t-shirt style and size of their choice from Tattered Star Apparel’s website.


  • a 2nd lucky winner will receive a prize to die for! MORTICIAS NAILS courtesy of  The Actors Fund.

To Enter:

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Leave a comment on this blog (between Oct. 3-Oct. 9) with your favorite Horror/Halloween movie quote!

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(last weeks lucky winner is Lollie Shopping! Congrats!)

Good Luck Ghoulies! 

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  1. What a wicked fun post!! My favorite horror movie quote is from Rosemary’s Baby: “He has his father’s eyes.”

  2. What a cute and unique blog this week!!! You are so creative…Do not have a favorite quota but the original Halloween movie is the best..they don’t make movies like they used to!!! Morticias nail polish looks like the bomb!!!Keep up the good work…I know it is hard and keep your chin up!!!! Happy Halloween

  3. I used to have a huge crush on Matthew Lillard and love all his funny lines in the “Scream” Movies.
    “liver alone, get it? Live her alone”
    “my mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me”
    “i think Im dyeing here man”
    ” whats your name?-why do you wanna know my name?- So I can know who Im looking at”
    “hello, stupidity leak”
    “movies dont create psychos, movies makeup psychos more creative”
    ” he hit me with the phone, dick”
    “oh please Mr. Ghotsface, dont kill me I wanna be in the sequal”

    OKOK so I was a lil obsessed with that movie.. haha

  4. I LOVE Halloween! Pumpkin carving & candy oh my! Dressing up is the best part! When I wear pants, I like to wear funky Halloween socks! I could never get into wearing the whole orange biz, makes my skin look funny….I’m diggin the spiderweb shirt, very funky! I always show off my Halloween style with accessories, cause I can still wear some of my things after!!

  5. “1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you,
    3, 4, lock your door,
    5, 6, grab your crucifix,
    7, 8, better stay up late,
    9, 10, never sleep again”
    I was so scared growing up!! Boo!!!

  6. Love this post! One of my faves is from a an old 70’s movie with Geraldine Page called Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice. In the movie a crazy lady kills people and buries them in the yard and plants a tree over them. At the end she when she gets caught she turns to the camera and says, “I would have made a HANDSOME pine tree!”

  7. “Wendy” Im not going to hurt you, you didn’t let me finish… I’m not going to hurt you… I’m just going to bash your brains in! Ahh the great Jack! My Mom took me to see the Shining when I was 6. Maybe that explains a lot about me. Haha!!

  8. BOO!!!

    I’m loving this one.. halloween is my one of my favorite holidays!

    Love those glow-in-the-dark shoes!!!