Scrunchie Resurrection


There is one 90s trend that has been quietly yet steadily making a comeback, the Scrunchie!

The trend began to pick up steam when blow-out bars became all the rage.  Blow-out aficionados quickly learned that sleeping with a scrunchie in your hair extends the life of a blow-out, doesn’t leave intentions in your hair and is super comfy!

Next in 2013 scrunchies became an offical “trend”when Ashish debuted quirky messy buns secured with scrunchies on the Spring runway.  Vivienne Westwood, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs all followed suit with scrunchie looks of their own.


Then in 2014 Rag & Bone rocked the Pre Fall runways with frayed scrunchies paired with both sporty and evening looks proving the scrunchie is here to stay!


Today scrunchies are popping up on ponytails, buns and wrists left and right as all sorts of celebs and fashionistas resurrect the almighty scrunchie in all of it’s glory.  There is even an INSTAGRAM dedicated to fabulous scrunchies called  SCRUNCHIESofINSTAGRAM which champions the return of the 90s hair staple.


Aside from the fact that they’re way more comfortable than a ponytail holder, you should think of scrunchies as a statement accessory!  Experiment with different textures, patterns and widths.   Layer them, stack them or work it with just one to create coifs that take your hair from same-old same-old to model-off-duty effortlessly chic.

So ladies, there is no need to hide your love for scrunchies any longer……. Bring those scrunchies out into the light and shout it from the rooftops!


Whether its a messy bun, half up half down, a nape of neck pony, securing a braid or a classic top bun rock your Scrunchie with pride…I swear it’s cool again.

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