Sherry Ratay Hair Color Tips

“Getting your hair colored should be more than just sitting on the chair and praying the colorist understands what you want.” –Sherry Ratay

(above: Sherry Ratay at work)

A womens hair is an emotional thing. We have all had bad salon experiences where we left in tears at what was done to our precious locks. Many times this happens because lack of communication between you and your colorist.

I wanted to get to the root of what you should know before heading to a salon, so I sat down with Sherry Ratay an internationally-acclaimed, award winning hair color expert and salon owner. She taught for Redken for 7 years and is currently a color educator for INOA L’Oreal Professional and will take the stage at the upcoming Premier Beauty Classic October 2011 in Columbus, Ohio.

Q: For the average woman headed to the salon to get color, what kind of information should they be armed with?

SR: The best tool is for them to bring pictures that they like AND that they dislike so that they can have an open dialog with their colorist about their likes and dislikes. The colorist can then suggest the reasons why they should or shouldn’t have a particular color style.

Q: What is the best way to make your color last between visits?

SR: Two things: stay closer to your natural pigment so that you have less fade-age and be sure to pay attention to home-care. Make sure that the home care products you use are for YOUR hair type. If you have fine delicate hair use something that will create volume. If you have medium to coarse hair that needs moisture you definitely don’t want to use a volume regimen- you want something that will deliver moisture. If you have dry skin and you don’t put moisturizer on its not soft to the touch and the same goes for the hair. If you don’t have enough moisture in the strand its gonna look dry, frizzy and feel horrible. So you need to have the right regimen for your hair.

Sunscreen is also vital for your hair, especially here in Las Vegas. Redheads, brunettes even platinum blondes because it will just oxidize. There is wonderful one by Kerastase- Huile Celeste Shimmering Protective Mist, it has little fecks of gold in it so you get extra shine plus UV protection.

Q: Biggest mistake most women make with their hair color?

SR: They do what THEY want rather than what the professional needs to do for their hair to match their skin tone and eye color. They aren’t open to listening to the reasons why it doesn’t work and what would work better.

Q: Any particular products that you are currently obsessed with?

SR: Because I’m a colorist, if the internal structure of the hair is shot it doesn’t matter what color line you use no matter what color you use. Internally it has to be strengthened and nourished. My ultimate favorite professional treatment is Kerastase Vita-Ciment Salon Treatment because it goes in and rebuilds that structure of the hair. Its like going down a well traveled road that has potholes. If you color hair that has potholes its going to be uneven- if you fill in those potholes is going to be nice and solid. So if you do a treatment before the color it fills it in.

Q: What is your most favorite look you have ever created?

SR: There’s really a variety. Reds are my favorite. I love to create red on red shades but creating blondes and brunettes where its sun-kissed and natural are also my favorites because its challenging. I also love corrections because they are a challenge. Hair color is in my blood. Its what I do. So to pick one thing is hard- I love it all!

Q:Tips for going different colors? Reds, Blondes, Brunettes?

SR: Always ask the professional their recommendation. If someone is an olive skin tone should they be blonde? No, but if they do choose to do that they need to make sure that they wear from makeup to shoes to accessories to fully go with the blonde look.

If you go avarte guard Red, make sure that you follow along with that as well. Don’t do this very trendy hair color and then go around in sweats- they don’t marry well together! It has to be finished/polished from head to toe no matter if its traditional or progressive.

Q: Biggest hair Don’t?

SR: Don’t do your own hair color!

Q: What is the biggest hair color trend for Holiday 2011?

SR: Ombre is still big, but its become a softer less aggressive ombre.

If your a blonde warm it up for the winter and if your a red, vibrant it up for the winter!

(Ombre means gradation in French. It is a dark to light fading. The dark begins at the roots and blends into a lightened mid-shaft and end).

(Above: Rachel Bilson with Ombre hair color)

(Above: Sarah Jessica Parker with ombre hair color)

Sherry Ratay wants you to have lux locks! 1 lucky winner will receive a Oleo curl line by Kerastase (shampoo, masque and leave-in a $135 value).

“Kerastase Oleo Curl defining line creates soft, supple luminous curls with ultra-light oil technology. With Nutri – Huile curl protection technology it softens the hair fiber, eases detangling & helps protect against humidity and heat damage”

To Enter:

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Then leave a comment on this post between Aug. 21 and Aug. 27 telling me what hair color/style you are thinking of donning for winter 2011.

Good Luck and Thanks for reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is RB

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  1. First!
    I know I’m just a guy, but I’m trying to grow my pomp out for the winter. 🙂
    Good read though Christie. I’m becoming so fashion educated!

  2. With my curls, keeping it long with long layers to help fight the frizz! And bit darker for the fall/winter season.

  3. I’ve always wanted a lime green mullet…
    but that first photo of Sherry up there is leaving me feeling a little vulnerable and unsure. What exactly is she doing with her right hand?!

  4. I used to have blond highlights and two years ago went back to my natural color which is dark brown. I would love to try the ombre look to change things up a bit for fall!

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