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I am a sucker for a product that gives back either through a direct percentage of profits, product donation initiatives or other acts of social responsibility.

I love knowing that not only am I getting something cool but that my purchase is in some small way helping our environment, animals or people in need.

By purchasing them I am “doing good”and “doing good” makes me feel good!

Every time I wear my TOMS there is a little extra pep in my step knowing that  I look chic PLUS somewhere a child in need now has a new pair of shoes because I put my super-shopping powers to good use.

Simply put, they are my KARMA purchases.

Everyone wants to do good, it’s in our nature but sometimes it’s difficult to find out about these new and amazing socially conscious brands.

I discovered the perfect website that has all of my favorite Karma purchase brands in one place:

“Shop With Meaning is an online community resource that connects consumers with companies like TOMS,Warby Parker and the growing number of socially responsible companies that support worthy social causes.  Our focus is on highlighting those companies across the globe that provide consumers with a tangible opportunity to support worthy causes through everyday purchases.”

More than just shopping, Shop With Meaning also features interviews with companies and guest posts which help you get to know the companies and their causes better.

“Now, when a consumer wants to make a purchase, whether it be apparel, makeup, a pair of shoes, or a bottle of fine wine, they can turn to Shop With Meaning to locate a company that matches their needs and also allows them to support a worthy cause with a simple, everyday purchase.  What’s more, our company profiles allow consumers to learn more about the reasons why these companies were founded, get a feel for the heart behind the products they sell and feel confident that their socially conscious purchases are truly making a difference.”

Easy to navigate, you can browse the site several ways:

1. By Category-  accessories, apparel, health and beauty etc

2. By Cause- clean water, eco friendly, fair trade, fighting poverty, hunger relief etc.

3. By One for One-companies that donate one product to those in need for every one product you buy.

Here are just a few of my fav’s from Shop with Meaning- check out all of the socially responsible brands they feature at


Smiles For the People

“For every item purchased, Smiles for the People donates the cash equivalent of ONE toothbrush to someone in need of dental care. Some “one for one” companies donate one physical product for every product you buy, but to be most effective, we do it differently. Instead, we donate the cash equivalent of one toothbrush to an experienced dental charity. Our donations enable our Giving Partners to design locally appropriate interventions for their communities’ unique local needs. Because of the wide range of needs in the oral health field, and because toothbrushes can sometimes cause more harm than good for people in need of care, this strategy is more responsible than donating physical brushes. In addition, our giving strategy reduces our carbon footprint and allows for local ownership.”


Krochet Kids International

Krochet Kids helps over 100 people in Northern Uganda everyday to work and to rewrite their stories for the better.  The products created abroad have been well received here at home and the cooperation of the staff in America and artists in Northern Uganda has created a sustainable cycle of employment and empowerment.”



Punjammies are fun, unique and fabulously fresh pajama tops and bottoms that are made and marketed under fair trade processes.  All of the Punjammies products are handcrafted by women in India who were rescued from slavery and forced prostitution and have now been given the chance to rebuild their lives. The proceeds from the sales of Punjammies fair trade clothes provide livable wages, deposits into savings accounts, and the funding for important holistic recovery care including medical care, emotional safety,education and the tools to create a new way of life.  The fair trade clothes of Punjammies are part of the International Princess™ Project, an organization that works to bring hope and a voice to those who have none.”

What do you do to Shop with Meaning?



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