Show How you Feel

I have been on a hardcore, calorie counting, absolutely no fun, margarita-less mission to drop some weight.

I hate it.  I hate dieting.  You always have to be “that” pain in the ass person when you go out to dinner.  The one that can’t find anything on the menu and that everyone rolls their eyes at.

You can’t meet friends for drinks because you will be the one sipping soda water and how many salads can one person endure!

GRRRRR.  Yep I’m hangry.

So this week I rounded up some of my favorite “Show How You Feel” about dieting tees.  The perfect way to put your feelings out there without endlessly blabbering on about them.

Don’t think of these as just a novelty because they are chic as hell when paired with a blazer and trousers or tucked into a pencil or circle skirt!


Wildfox Around Here Sunday Morning Tee

Pebby Forevee Thinkin bout dat tee

Pebby Forevee Knock the Bad Food Out of My Hand Tee

I’m Sorry for What I said When I was Hungry Tee

FV Relay Hangry tee

MondayGirlApparel Gonna Work Out After Tee

Stupid Style I’m on a New Diet Tee

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