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Lately it seems like everyone is feeling under the weather.  Models are sniffling, clients are coughing…tis the season.. cold and flu season.

Today I  spent my morning with the fab folks at FOX 5 news where I presented some great “Sick Day Essentials” on air.

I am so excited about these finds I wanted to share them here as well in case you weren’t able to tune in this morning!


Minnetonka for Opening Ceremony.

I am a HUGE fan of Minnetonka and this season they partnered with none other than OPENING CEREMONY to create a luxe collection of cozy yet chic moccasins and slippers complete with a kaleidoscope of Swarovski Crystals!  So Cute!  You can grab a pair at


Wellness begins from the inside out!  The fabulous tea artisans at Teavanna just launched a brand new collection of Wellness Teas.  The collection features seven teas for health and well being with 4 star performers that will help you get back on feet after a cold:

RECOVER- a detoxifying blend of vitamin C, green tea and mint aids your body’s natural cleansing functions.  Helps Clear Sinus. Low in caffeine so it won’t dry you out while your sick.

COMFORT- Great for an upset stomach this blend of ginger, chamomile lemon, rooibos, spearmint and peppermint to soothe and uplift.

DEFENSE- Helps put your guard up during flu and cold season. Packed full of Vitamin C, white tea and blackberry leaves.

PURIFY- A blend of Jasmine, Silver Needle  buds, Hibiscus Flowers, Citrus.  Adds hydration back into your large organ systems while dextoxing and is great for hair skin nails and eyes.

Available at Teavanna in Downtown Summerlin


1 Voice Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Block our light and sound with this cozy velvet eye mask made of memory foam with built in headphones.  Play some soothing sounds and get a gentle slumber PLUS its machine washable!

Available at


Spoonful of Comfort

I am so excited about this brand. It began when it’s founder ‘s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and she was half way across the country but wanted to find a way to comfort her.  Flowers and Fruit Baskets just didn’t seem appropriate.  What she really wanted to send was was homemade chicken soup because that’s what her mother used to give her when she wasn’t feeling well so she created SpoonfulofComfort.

You can create your own care package on the website and choose from handcrafted soup, homemade rolls, a soup ladle, cozy socks, cookies, tea and a cozy blanket and have it sent directly to your loved one!

Prices range from $59.99 to $99.99 at



Click HERE to view the entire segment.

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