Sisley Essential Skin Care Lotion



Sisley, the French skincare brand known for their phytocosmotology approach to skincare, recently launched an exciting addition to their highly successful Sisleya anti-aging range, Sisley Sisleya Essential Skin Care Lotion.

This product marks a new way of looking at skin care.  Sisley believes that in a world where things move so rapidly and change so quickly you need to take the time to shield your skin from it.

It’s not a toner, not a primer and not a moisturizer.

What it is, is a specific treatment designed to be your first step in an anti-aging skincare ritual.

Packed full of essential ingredients  (Marshmallow extract, Padina pavonica, and Gingko biloba Phytosqualane) to hydrate and nourish the skin, making it more receptive to the following treatments and anti-aging assets (White Willow, Chalice Alkekengi, Padina pavonica, Gingko biloba) for radiant youthful skin. It leaves skin plumped, radiant, hydrated, smooth and glowing while creating a invisible shield to protect your skin from free-radicals that cause the signs of aging.

I LOVE the results I got from this.  Skin was instantly plumped, super smooth and felt uber hydrated without and greasy residue.

How to Use: Apply morning and evening to a cleansed face and neck. Apply the product with the fingertips, massaging gently until it has been completely absorbed.  Follow with moisturizer and continue with your usual beauty routine.

Sisley Sisleya Essential Skin Care Lotion is Available at Nieman Marcus and

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