Skin Quench that Sunburn!

We all know the dangers of sunburns-we’ve heard it a millions times- and try our best to protect our skin but sometimes our best just isnt good enough.  With things heating up outside many of you will be vacationing, pool partying, drinking and spending a little more time in the sun than you realize.  Its summer!

Since I AM the fairest of them all, lol -at least my skin is – I hold the title as the reining queen of sunburns and stock an arsenal of aloe gels in my refrigerator.

Needless to say, I am always on the hunt for sunburn relief.

Scorched skin, blisters, peeling, ouch!   Dabbling in everything from Solarcaine to vinegar and aloe throughout the years none of them has really done the trick.

Last week I discovered a soothing  Spa treatment that will quench that sunburned skin like never before.

Easily accessible for locals The Oleksandra Spa and Salon at Treasure Island offers an amazing service for those with a sunburn called the Skin Quencher.

Jennifer Martinez Spa Manager of Oleksandra explains,” The Skin Quencher is a refuge from the elements and re-hydrates sun-exposed skin. The soothing body mist and cooling recovery gel provide instant relief for sunburn while the re-hydrating moisturizer works to seal in moisture and prevent dryness once the burn begins to heal”.

Oleksandra Spa invited me in to enjoy their tranquil spa and experience the treatment for myself.

After sweating it out in the warm comforts of the dry sauna and relaxing in the tranquil quiet zone I headed into a treatment room.

Featuring all natural ingredients, the treatment begins with a cooling lavender and sea algae extract misted over your entire body (lavender oil has tissue regenerative and healing properties plus it reduces scarring and soothes the pain of a sunburn)  next a soothing aloe and tea tree recovery gel is applied.

Iced towels are then placed over the body to activate the gel and cooling iced cucumbers are placed on the eyes.  The coolness helps to relieve the sensation of burning as well as calming the redness to help prepair the skin for healing.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh you can not imagine how good this feels on sun baked sunburned skin!

Heavenly relief.

The treatment concludes with a calming re-hydrating aloe lotion gently massaged onto the skin.

Finally!  Help for sunburned skin and there is a bonus!  Each of the TARA Spa Therapy products used in the treatment can be purchased to take home with you for $15 or less AND Oleksandra Spa offers a 20% discount for locals year round, anytime for any service!

This week Oleksandra Spa wants to make sure you have some sunburn relief on hand.  

1 Lucky winner will receive a TARA Sun Therapy Lavender Face & Body Mist, Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Recovery Gel and a Rosehip & Aloe Rehydrator Lotion.


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Next, leave a comment on this post between June 10th and June 16th telling me why you need some Sun Therapy.

Good Luck and Thanks for reading!

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 Last weeks lucky winner is San Diego Momma!  Congrats!

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  1. I tend to over-do it at the pool thinking my olive skin in invincible. I could use some cooling relief especially during pool season!!

  2. I totally needed this last week, after a freak sunburn accident on Santa Monica beach. You can’t stand in the wind to apply spray sunscreen, apparently! Thanks Christie ! <3 <3

  3. I need some skin therapy because I spend a lot of time during the summer outside. I work promotions and I have to be out in the sun up to 14 hours per day. I load up on sunscreen, stand in the shade as often as possible, but that isn’t always enough.

  4. Christie, I love your work. You’re quite brilliant and I always keep up on your daily events. You do amazing work. Cheers.

  5. Living in south Louisiana, it’s hard to not get sunburnt! Weather here is completely unpredictable and hotter than any other region, not to mention mega humid! Once you get sunburnt here, you’re screwed and should just stay indoors until its better, the heat and the sun here make a sunburn 10x worse! I try to stock up on suntan lotions, but sometimes its pretty easy to forget! This will Come in very handy for me!

  6. WOW! I could’ve really used this last week… I have a very olive skin tone, and even in our Vegas heat, rarely need sunscreen (though I do regularly apply it to my face now as a concession that I *might* be getting older). I took the kiddos to the park last week, and managed to get a stinging sunburn on my THIGHS!
    Since we’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors this summer, I’m sure this won’t be the last time I have sun-singed skin. :S

  7. What a gorgeous spa! And I love that they use all natural ingredients! We both know how intense this Vegas sun can be; this giveaway is perfect for all of us getting battered by it!

  8. Found out the hard way that spray sunscreen and windy days on a boat do not mix… no matter how many times you reapply it. I was crispy after 7 hours on the lake. I tried any kind of relief I heard about. Wish I could get my hands on this for the next time.

  9. Ooh…a sunburn relief spa? I need to send my hard working husband to get the full treatment. Poor guy went into work at 6 am, but the sun still had it’s way with him. 🙁

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