Smells like Teen Spirit

Summer is here and as it heats up outside it is probably heating up inside your shoes!   When you take off your shoes do small children run away in horror? Does a wafting smell of old doritos mixed with garlic fill the room?  Do people’s eyes start to water?

Here are some tips to help you move from Foot Prison to Foot Freedom.

First if you have old shoes that stink before you even put your foot in them, get rid of them.  Start with a clean fresh pair of shoes.  Once that stink is in a shoe its never coming out!

Store your shoes with scented dryer sheets in them to give them a little “freshen up” overnight.

Always wear socks with sports shoes!  I see people out (especially men) wearing shoes, that are designed to be worn with socks, sock free!  I look down and I know.  I know it stinks in there!  Cotton socks absorb sweat and odor, without them there is nowhere for the sweat to go except into your shoes!

Next try a foot antiperspirant!  The best one I have found it Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient AntiPerspirant & Deodorant.  Apply the cream to clean feet.  Let dry then apply socks.  (ever have problems with sweaty feet slipping in high heels?  This also works great for that!  It reduces the amout of sweat your feet produce!)

And now here is my big secret tip!  Soak your feet twice a week in a tea bath!  The tannic acids found in black tea kill odor causing bacteria and shrink the pores in the feet. 

Here is how:

1. Boil 1 pint of water. Add 2 black tea bags. You can use regular or decaffeinated tea. Both contain the essential tannic acids.

2. Steep the tea longer than you normally would if you were to drink the tea. Allow 15 minutes to release the maximum amount of tannic acids. The tea must appear black. If your solution is too weak, add another tea bag.

3. Dilute the tea solution with 2 quarts of cold water to create enough solution to soak your feet. Place the solution in a clean washtub or bucket.

4. Soak your feet in the cool tea solution for 30 minutes. Repeat daily for one week. As you notice your feet sweating less, you can reduce treatments to twice weekly.

5. Wash feet with a washcloth, soap and warm water to remove tea stains.

6. Dry feet .

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  1. Awesome blog post…I’ve never even heard of foot antiperspirant before…might try some before the summer heat kicks in. Usually about a month into summer my sandals start to stink…hopefully using your tips I can prevent that. I guess you’ll know if I’m doing it correctly if I come over in July and stink up your house!