Smokin' in The Boys Room

This Fall THE hottest shoe trend will have you Smokin’!

It’s time to hang up those ballet flats and usher in the smooth era of Le Smoking Slipper.

There is something that just oozes “cool”  about wearing a smoking slipper.  It’s the perfect mix of preppy panache and Hugh Hefner bad-ass.

Conjuring up images of travel, luxury and glamour- The Smoking Slipper says to the world  “I’m so chic I can wear slippers outside and if you were as cool as me you could too“.

You may  j’adore Le Smoking Slipper but they can be tricky to wear when the only pairing that comes to mind is a velvet smoking jacket a la  The Most Interesting Man.

Not to worry me petite’s! Wearing Le Smoking Slipper is as easy as un, deux, trois!

Pair them with everything from menswear inspired trousers to fitted dresses!  They give  the perfect chic accent to an otherwise casual look.

Here is how the Celeb’s are rocking this hot trend:

(above: Dakota Fanning in Smoking Slippers)

(above: Alexa Chung in Smoking Slippers)

(above: Kate Moss in Smoking Slippers)

This season there is a smoking slipper style for everyone- from studded to leather, velvet to sequined you are sure to find one you will oh La Love!

Check out these Smokin’ styles from Vince Camuto:

Just as comfortable as ballet flats but with a bit of French sophisticate edge Le Smoking Slipper is my TOP shoe pick for Fall.

Lets Play a Smokin’ game of Cinderella!  Vince Camuto has a stunning pair of Le Smoking Slippers to give away!  

To Enter:

First, “LIKE” this Vince Camuto on Facebook!  Click here Vince Camuto

Next, leave a comment on this post- between August 5 and August 11– telling me your shoe size!  One lucky winner who’s size fits the slipper will win!

Good Luck and Thanks for reading!

Last weeks Lucky Winner is: Anthony David!  Congrats!

More Smokin’ Styles, click to shop!


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  1. These Smokin slippers would be HOT stepping through the cobblestone streets of Europe on my upcoming honeymoon!!! <3
    size 8.5

  2. I love these, and if you say they are your top shoe pick for fall, they are high on my list! My size is 7.5!
    Thanks, Christie!

  3. My tiny feet would look “smokin” in those stylin’ slippers! I will take size 5.0 or 5.5! Thanks Christie!

  4. So recently I finally got fitted for my shoe size. And for years I thought I was a 10 woman’s. But I’m actually i am size 11. Yep that’s right size 11. Shoes that are size 11 are really hard to find, cute shoes that is.
    11 I am, I am.. ….. SIZE 11.

  5. I was super surprised when I got a tweet from Vince Camuto and now I see this!! I’m a 7 or 71/2 !!

  6. I followed you on Twitter and i am big fan of Vince Camuto shoes.

    I already liked the Vince Camuto facebook! my FB name : roro hamwi

    I wear 7.5 U.S sizes and 38 Europe sizes.

    I love love love these shoes.

    I hope i can be one of the winner

  7. Thank goodness for your blog…I’m challenged in the fashion world, so I need people like you to tell me what’s hot right now. I gotta say, I do like this look, but never heard of Smoking Slippers before. I started to feel bad that I missed the giveaway, but then realized they probably weren’t a size 11 anyway. 🙂

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