Sneaky Ways to Hide your Roots


It’s the week BEFORE your salon visit and those roots are making a statement- a statement you don’t want anyone to hear.

Noticeable roots can put a damper on your whole look and leave you feeling downright drab but there is no need to hide out under a hat.

I have devised four sneaky ways that I use to hide my roots until my next salon visit:

1. Hair Touch Up Pens and Gels.  It’s like a Sharpie for your hair and allows you to “color in” rogue grey hairs that appear and let you target the exact areas you want to hide. They  come in several shades, so you have the flexibility of choosing as close to your hair color as possible and it will stay put until your next wash.  I have tried powders, pens, root mascaras and temporary sprays but my favorite root touch up is from B the Product: B. Inked Touched Up Color Stick.  It’s mess free, easy to use and hides those roots like a boss!

2. Invest in headbands.  Wearing headbands is a great way to hide your roots. They’re inexpensive and they come in virtually every pattern, size and color PLUS there are a ton of creative ways to wear them.  Go bold with a single thick headband or try placing multiple skinny headbands together to create a layered look!  Either way bye bye roots!

3. Twist Scarves.  I love these.  Great for changing up your look and the perfect solution for pesky roots or hair that’s gone 1 day past when you should have washed it- you dirty girl.

4. Messy Waves- roughed-up messy waves help with keeping those roots on the down-low. The more you can get your hair off of your scalp, the better. More lift at the roots makes color irregularities harder to see. Since greasy and even second-day hair sometimes falls flat, use dry shampoo to build body and soak up oil. As an added bonus, dry shampoo is great for creating root-camouflaging texture!

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