Snowberry: Better than Botox Facial Massage

A trip to a plastic surgeon or a needle full of botox aren’t the only ways to smooth wrinkles and revitalize tired skin.

Regular facial massage works to tighten and lift the facial muscles, giving the skin a more youthful appearance, fight ageing and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It gets the blood flowing, drains the lymphatic system, relaxes your muscles, and can even clear your sinuses.

Plus its the perfect way to relax and relieve tension from a long day.

Have you ever noticed the way your skin glows after a good facial?  Most of that glow can be attributed to the massage your face gets during your treatment.

If we could make it to the salon every week I’m sure all of us would have Hollywood perfect skin but busy schedules and tight wallets don’t always make a salon visits convenient.

I’m sure you have heard celebrities like Courtney Cox, Hillary Swank and Cindy Crawford raving about the importance of  regular at home facial massage.

It sounded interesting and you may have wondered how to do it yourself.   A google search on “How-To perform a facial massage”  just ended up in you watching a long complicated boring video that you couldn’t understand.

Don’t worry!  I’m here to help! I sat down with Soraya Hendesi, creator of Snowberry Beauty– the New Zealand based authentic skincare line that is taking the states by storm- to get her at-home tips for youthful skin.

Q: Celebrities and beauty experts rave about the benefits of facial massage.  What kind of products do you need?

SH: I recommend a facial oil. Snowberry’s Soothing Facial Massage Oil is an absolute treat for tired and irritated skin.

Stress, pollution, harsh skin care, and poor diet…all leave their mark on us time-deprived beings. Much as I would like, I rarely have time for a glorious Spa treatment, so I created the Soothing Massage Oil to give skin a much needed radiance boost in as little as five minutes. Any time of the day will do, but I prefer this ritual either at night before going to bed or as a weekend relaxation treat (after a bath and followed by a little meditation does wonders), and the divine aroma of the German Chamomile really helps relaxation after a long day.

Q: What kind of technique should be used?

SH:  After thoroughly cleansing the skin, warm a few drops of the oil in the hand and start by massaging in an upwards circular motion from the jaw line, then the chin area, back to jaws and up towards cheeks.

Using a few more drops of the oil, continue massaging the side of the nose, then stroking upwards on the bridge of the nose to the frown area (where one of the first signs of stress appears in the shape of a vertical line).

 Moving up through this area towards the forehead, make the hand movement more like acupressure movement i.e. apply light pressure with fingertips concentrating on any line that may have formed as though you are ironing it flat (not kidding!) Just make sure you don’t rub back and forth on your skin but rather press fingertips and leave.

 Carry on your acupressure treatment starting on the inner side of your brow by gently pressing your index fingers just above your brow line and at the same time with your thumbs just below the brow line. Moving in this way, concentrate on pressure points above and below the brow all the way until you reach the outer corner of your brow. Both hands will be working in unison.

 Using more oil if necessary, move onto the forehead by stroking your index and middle fingers from the middle of the brows upwards then in a circular outward movement moving towards the temples. At the temples, gently press and then release.

 You could extend this treatment to your neck by massaging the oil in an outward direction. I prefer to use a stroking motion using the opposite hand for each side of the neck.

I know what you may be thinking “An oil on my face?  No way”.  Don’t think of it as an oil, its more like a serum.  It easily absorbs into your skin, smells amazing and leaves your skin glowing and fresh.

I am OBSESSED with Snowberry’s Soothing  Facial Massage Oil and Soraya’s technique.  I have been doing it every other day for 2 weeks and my skin looks and feels soft, subtle and smooth to the touch.

My advice ladies: next time ditch the needle and try some natural healing with a daily facial massage to keep your skin glowing, fresh and youthful!

This week Snowberry wants to help your skin glow!

One lucky reader will receive a Snowberry Soothing Facial Massage Oil AND an Everyday Broad Spectrum Medium Sun Protection!

To Enter:

First “like” our Facebook Page. (link is in the upper right of sidebar)

Then, leave a comment on this post between Aug. 12 and Aug. 18th telling me why you need Snowberry’s Soothing Facial Massage Oil.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Last week’s luck winner is: Christine!  You are the Cinderella that fit the slipper!  Congrats!

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  1. Oh yes! This sounds like it is right up my alley! My poor skin is in need of a good facial, but better yet, Snowberry’s Facial Massage Oil. Haven’t had it in the budget recently to take care of my skin like I would like or need to, so winning this would be fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity Christy!

  2. I need it because I am constantly working and that to me would be a form of relaxation!!! Thank you!

  3. Not necessarily for me, but my girlfriend would love this. She naturally very pale. She prides her protection of her alabaster skin. She would love the Everyday Broad Spectrum Medium Sun Protection. She currently has a SPF in her daily foundation and is always looking for hypo-allergenic ways to keep herself from getting a sunburn. The Sun Protection is perfect for that and I know she would love it.

  4. I don’t think I could do Botox. I hate needles. I suffer through them to donate blood (so important!), but my beauty will suffer if it must be attacked by sharp pointy things.
    Love the idea of facial massage! Relaxed and wrinkle-less… I would love for that to be the new me!

  5. I have tired, thirtysomething, puffy, combination skin that would absolutely drink this yummy potion up! I have heard great things about Snowberry and would love to start incorporating daily massage into my skincare routine with this facial oil. Thanks!!

  6. Whew! My skin could use some pampering after being outside all summer! Your Mom said you will be up here this weekend…..look forward to meeting you! :o)

  7. So, if you do have oily spots on your skin, this would still work well? Like Carolina, there is no chance I would do botox…the needles totally scare the crap out of me. But, I like this idea and have noticed more and more wrinkles, particularly on my forehead and near my eyes.

  8. Girl, you had me at NO BOTOX!! haha!

    Being in my 30’s it’s all about being proactive in personalizing my skincare concerns. I am addressing things that come with aging like wrinkles, age spots, and dehydrated less plump skin! This product sounds it can help address the aging concerns I have.

    Great giveaway!

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