Soap and Glory 2 Minute Rinse Challenge

As Earth Month draws to a close I have one last post for you, actually its more of a challenge….do you accept?

One of the biggest problems facing global conservation efforts is water conservation and one of the biggest ways we can conserve water is in our daily beauty routines.

The average person takes about a 10 min. shower which uses around 25 gallons of water (about 2.51 gallons a minute). Whoa!  That’s alot of water just washing down the drain.

After hearing a sustainability expert speak on how the earth would be facing a water shortage problem in the not too distant future  the folks at Soap and Glory  (The British based line of beauty, body and bath products with a fearless and fun attitude) had a discussion in one of their morning meetings on what they could do to help.

Being that shower gels are one of their top selling products, the ladies decided to come up with a challenge for their customers.  After testing it out themselves in the office shower (yes these fantastic gals  have a shower at the office) and timing themselves, they realized that you could cut the average 10 min shower down to 2 concise minutes which saved around  20.08 gallons per shower and left you looking just as fabulous as a 10 minute shower and with loads of extra time to do other things!

So this week I’m dropping the gauntlet ladies and gents!  It’s time to limit your tap time!

Take the Soap and Glory 2 minute rinse challenge..2 minutes..set your timers.. …lets see if you can do it.


Soap & Glory lovers, are you nodding? ARE YOU IN? Great. Then could you try it tomorrow morning? It goes like this:

1. 10 to 15 seconds of hot water to get wet.

2. Then TURN OFF THE TAP while you suds, scrub, shave and shampoo. (We would recommend shampooing last because soap in the eyes can sting, and that’s more likely to happen when your head is hanging down.)

3. RINSE for 20 to 30 seconds. (If it’s a conditioner day, rub on your conditioner. Wait the required amount of time, then take another 20 second rinse).

This should get you in and out of the shower without running more than 120 seconds of water. If you can do it, WE SALUTE YOU!

(Not only will you have saved water, you’ve saved time (which you can use to flat iron your hair, read The Financial Times, apply liquid eyeliner, whatever pastime you may fancy).

Remember Soap & Glory always suggests – whether you’re using Soap & Glory or other people’s products – shorter showers.

Proud purveyor of a fabulous full range of beauty, body and bath-stuffs, Soap & Glory recommends putting your products on with happiness and abandon, because they believe while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely.

 “A Good Laugh Can Take off as many years as a good lift” -Marcia Kilgore founder Soap & Glory

To reward your efforts at water conservation this week Soap and Glory will give 1 lucky winner a Clean Girls Body Wash!


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Then, take the 2 minute rinse challenge- leave a comment on this post between April 29th and May 5th telling me how it all washed out for you.

Please leave comments! I appreciate each and every one!

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading.  

Last weeks Lucky winner is Stefanie!  Congrats!


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  1. Uh, with 4 kids, I’m not even sure I get a 2-minute shower! Seriously, though, this is a great idea. I remember reading a Brazilian article about how peeing in the shower actually helped saved the rainforest. They did a whole campaign on it in Brazil! thanks for the reminder that there are ways to save!

  2. Our shower knob was broken last month and only HOT worked so we learned how to take a quick one real fast, as soon as the real hot water made it upstairs it was over! It’s better on your hair to not wash it everyday anyways {so I’ve heard}!

  3. In college, when the pipes were cold, in the morning I could do a 4-5 min. Shower
    Now that I’m a mom in the first 2 months home w the baby I got it down to 3 min.
    2 is pushing it… But I’ll try!

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