Social Media inspired Design: Tory Burch


 We have all been there— in line at airport security wearing flip flops (for easy removal) and staring down at the disgusting carpet that thousands upon thousands of bare feet have walked on, realizing that soon we will have to remove our shoes and put our precious naked tootsies on that bacteria ridden-petri dish of a carpet…ewe yuck yuck!

Standing in line at airport security, faced with this same delemma fab fashion designer Tory Burch decided to tweet about it and mentioned she should design a travel sock.

The response was overwhelming and feedback from her twitter followers influenced the product’s development.

As a result of this Social Media explosion Tory Burch recently released the ultra comfy one-size fits all sock in the signature orange and navy TB colors. 

The sock features non-slip grips on the bottom and comes in a super cute and convenient carrying pouch with gold Tory Burch hardware to clip on to your carry-on!

How cool is that!  Social media guiding product development!  I love it!

Thanks Tory for helping us fly in convenient style and protect our tootsies!

Tory Burch wants to protect your feet with Style.  1 Lucky winner will receive a pair of  Tory Burch travel socks!


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  1. First! …Again!!!
    I am addicted to Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare & Facebook!
    That could be perceived as a negative, but I love marketing, networking, and trying new things.
    PS> Follow @SammysLV! 🙂

  2. Social media has impacted me by making pluse size not a negative issue. I think social media has so much power. There are so many young people who are influenced by the media and as a direct positive result self esteam has been boosted.

  3. These socks rock!!! I have you to thank for my social media blitz this year. YOU talked me into writing a blog (along with Adam Bird) and twitting, twattling, facebooking, mentioning, stumblin, digging, flicking…well, you get the picture. I am now able to get my name out to hundreds of potential clients as I try to rebuild a clientele in a new market during a downed economy. As a result? Nearly 4000 hits with on 8 posts and nothing to give away!!(-;…Having said that…I say thank you…now give me those socks!

  4. This exact thing happened to me when I flew to LA this week wearing my Uggs (with no socks). Grossed out! Social media MUST be contributing positively to product development; otherwise, those side bars with ads tailored directly to me would be about power tools and NFL gear instead of things I’m actually into! Haha!

  5. Social Media is the fastest way to get the word out about new products or events. I am so thankful for your continued support over the years for helping me do that!

  6. I have sold some furniture, electronics, purses and more via social media! It is the modern day garage sale and beats the heck out of paying ebay to list your items. Recently, my husband gained some new clients/accounts from Facebook. Also, I have won prizes like 2 Lift Passes to Eagle Point Ski Resort!

    By the way, I saw these travel socks and wanted to get a pair! I hope I win! I will be sure to thank you on my Twitter and Facebook status!

  7. I, too am addicted to Twitter! Also if it weren’t for social media I would of never met my fantastic fiancee….we met on Myspace 3 years ago!!!

  8. Social media has given me something to do when I arrive at a bar before my friends since I no longer smoke. So thanks, Twitter, for keeping me off cigs!

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