Solve your Panty Problems with BootayBag


Two of my favorite things in life are a good cocktail and pretty panties.

I think it’s important to take as much pride in what covers your lady parts as you do in what covers the rest of your body.

Believe it or not, many women are stuck in an underwear rut. We are all guilty of it.

How do you know you’re in an underwear rut?  Well if when you reach into your panty drawer and every pair are “period panties” (the stretched out ones with holes, rips and worn out elastic), that’s a sure fire sign of an underwear rut.

Another clue is if you have been wearing the same panty style for decades.  Ladies there are new cuts, silhouettes, fabrics and wondrous panty inventions out there.

Do you just rotate through the same old 10 pairs of panties? It’s probably time to breathe some new life into your panty repertoire.

I have the solution to all your panty problems: BootayBag.

BootayBag is a monthly recurring subscription for women that allows you to cater your preferences to best fit your personal underwear needs.

Each month you will receive two pairs of gorgeous luxe undies for just $12 (including shipping).

You select your style preference by size (small, medium or large) then by type “mix it up” (which sends you a combination of panty types), “never thongs” or “always thongs”.  You can even add extras like a bralette to your bag if you like.

BootayBag also donates one dollar to the Melanoma Foundation every time a picture is posted on social media with the Hashtag #undermatters.

Win win!

Want to break out of that Underwear rut with BootayBag?  Click here to check out the service for yourself.



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  1. It is such a great idea 🙂 ! I rarely buy any new underwear , haha … I would love to see what they have to offer 🙂 !

  2. This is genius!! lol Who doesn’t love getting new underwear, and you can get them at the comfort of your home every month! Such a good idea.

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