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I am in full Springtastic mode, no matter what the weather says!  

My eye has begun drifting away from solemn blacks and grays and toward friendly pastels, corals and neutrals.

I have commenced my annual packing away of my winter wardrobe, moving my spring favorites to the front of the closet and dreaming of all the new things I am going to purchase!

We all our have own seasonal  changing of the clothes rituals but it’s also important to give your skin a little seasonal pick-me-up as well.

The winter season sent my skin into a confused whirlwind.  One day it was warm and sunny then next rainy cold and dreary which resulted in red blotchy skin and even a few breakouts.

My skin just couldn’t keep up with the up and downs in the environment, so lately it’s been crying out for something FRESH!

Fresh has been a longtime favorite cosmetics brand for me.  If you haven’t tried their Sugar Lip Treatment go to the store right now and buy it.  #AMAZING

I have three favorites from Fresh that I am going to use to get my skin ready for Spring/Summer.  Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Creme Ancienne Soft Cream and Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask.

Soy Face Cleanser is off the hook fantastic.  It is gentle enough for sensitive skin yet strong enough to get the job done without drying out the skin.  This multi-taking cleanser tones, soothes and softens skin to produce a radiant complexion. Packed full of amino acid-rich soy proteins which help maintain elasticity, Rosewater which calms and balances the skin, Cucumber Extract which aids in soothing skin and Borage Seed Oil which nourishes.  You don’t even need makeup remover with this product it gently removes every trace of even the toughest mascara without irritating the eyes!

Creme Ancienne Soft Cream is probably the most amazing thing you will ever put on your skin.  A weightless moisturizer that delivers a super dose of nourishment, reduces signs of aging (#yesplease) while proving 24 hours of moisture.  It absorbs quickly leaving no greasy residue.  It also has a noticeable firming/lifting effect which inspired me to use this on my neck and decolletage as well.  Containing Meadowfern Seed Oil which provides nourishment, Echinacea extract to fight off environmental aggressors, Vitamin E to fight wrinkle causing free radicals and Chamomile Wax to help decrease dry spots, soften skin and create a light moisture-preserving veil.  It instantly perks up the skin leaving you looking awake and fresh!  It gives your skin a youthful je nes se quoi.

Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask is a hydrating treatment that instantly reveal healthier looking skin. After just 5-10 minutes with this fab product on your skin will feel refreshed, firmer and softer. Composed of Black Tea Ferment an advanced antoxidant that helps defend against wrinkle-causing radicals while softening and smoothing, Lychee Seed Extract to boost collogen, Firming Polysaccharides to help smooth skin and Jicima Root Juice to hydrate and nourish.

FRESH Soy Face Cleanser, Creme Ancienne Soft Cream and Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask are all available at Neiman Marcus and

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