Soothe Launches in Las Vegas


Everybody needs a little time away…. yep I’ve been listening to the 80s channel on Sirius..but hey it’s true.

With today’s busy and STRESSFUL lifestyle it’s important to grab what-ever moment of relaxation you can where-ever or when-ever it is.

Sometimes it can be a real hassle to try to fit a massage appointment in- either you decide last minute you want one and the spa is all booked up or your only day off is the day the spa is closed or you want to book after spa hours!

Aaargh, if only there were an app for that……

Enter Soothe, the largest and fastest growing on-demand massage and wellness company, that brings licensed, vetted and insured massage therapists to customers homes, offices or hotels in as little as an hour all through an easy to use app. (iOS or Android app (

Soothe has already launched in 26 cities since its inception in 2013 and starting this month the service is available right here in Las Vegas!

Last week Soothe invited me to take their service for a test-drive.


I made my appointment via the app on my iPhone.


Chose the type of massage I wanted- I opted for Deep Tissue.


Set the date, time and length of the massage…….this can be as soon as in an hour or for any specified time and date you choose.  I made mine for the next day.


Then you can select the gender of your therapist.

The next screen is where you pay and confirm the location you want your treatment (I opted for at home) and viola. Appointment is set.

Fast forward about 10 hours…..

The massage therapist arrived at my door a few minutes early to set up-the therapists come fully equipped with their own sheets, products, massage table and even relaxing “spa” type music.

We went over what types of products she would be using, whether I preferred lotion or oil and if I had any specific areas of concern.

The next 90 minutes were pure heaven.  Seriously I think it was the best massage I have ever had!  Ahhhh-mazing!

After pulling my wardrobe rack around just about every hotel/casino in Las Vegas my back and shoulders needed some serious Deep Tissue action!

My therapist was so fantastic that I wanted to make sure I could get her again the next time I booked- when my session was over she handed me her card and explained that after your first massage with any Soothe massage therapist, you have the option to re-book future massages with the same therapist under the “appointments” section of the app. Yay!

Here’s another feature I really love about Soothe- when the massage is over just lay back and relax in that awesome totally zen post-massage noodle state- there is no need to fumble around for your wallet- everything INCLUDING the tip has already been paid for when you booked the appointment!

I had a fantastic experience and will definitely be booking my next massage through Soothe.

Easy to use, convenient, works with my schedule and oh so relaxing.  I highly recommend you download the app and try it out for yourself.

Soothe offers on-demand Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, or Pre-natal massages between the hours of 8 am and midnight daily. Massages are fixed-price per person, and Soothe takes care of tax and gratuity. The prices are: $99 (60 minutes), $139 (90 minutes), and $169 (120 minutes). Soothe clients can also re-book the same therapist on future occasions.

Soothe currently serves the following cities and regions: Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, London, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Indianapolis, Miami, Minneapolis, Newark/Northern New Jersey, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Portland, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, Scottsdale, Seattle, Vancouver (British Columbia), and Washington D.C..

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