Steal The Style: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


In the Spring of 1997 a TV battle of good vs. evil began that would change the whole damsel in distress horror movie formula and rewrite the standard for teen drama television.

With a peppy, blonde, smart-mouthed, mini-skirt wearing female hero in the lead this series would go on to run for 7 years across two networks and become one of the most loved cult dramas in television history, of course I’m talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy along with her Scooby-Doo esc cross section of mystery solving friends ranging from a book nerd to a snobby popular girl and a slacker set out weekly to save the world from demons, vampires, monsters and various sorts of bad guys and gals.

Not only was Buffy a bad-ass but she also knew her way around a smokin’ pair of knee-high boots.

One of my hands down all time favorite shows, Buffy aired at a time when there were no DVR’s, so you HAD to be home in time to watch the latest episode or you were out of luck and don’t even get me started about anyone who tried to call me during the show!

Lately, I may or may not be spending every Tuesday watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathons on PIVOT TV.  All this Binge watching has reminded me of just how frickin’ cool Buffy really was.

You can’t think of the 90s without thinking of Buffy and just like mix tapes, raves and boy bands 90s fashion is back in a big way and no one did it better than Buffy.

In order to capture the Slayer’s Style you need 5 important things:



ONE: Leather- whether it’s leather pants or a leather jacket, leather is  Buffy’s signature style.  Feel free to girl power it up by choosing a jacket with a peplum or ruffles.  D’amico Jacket available at

TWO: Buffy Boots.  Buffy loves to kick some vampire ass in knee high boots. Make sure they have a chunky heel and a square toe. Frye Lucinda Slouch Boot available at

THREE: Cross necklace…duh. Given to Buffy in the first season by Angel this became her trademark. Fashionology Silver Plated Square Cross Necklace available at

FOUR: Spaghetti strap or fitted tank. Basic Strappy Vest available at

FIVE: The Colors- Oxblood Red, Black, White and creams. ALC Stefan Leather Pants available at

You can resurrect your love for Buffy Tuesdays on PIVOT TV beginning  at 5pm EST

What is your favorite Buffy moment?

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  1. LOVE this post. Years later, as I rewatch Buffy over and over, I still find myself admiring her style, especially in the later seasons.

    Can’t pick a favorite moment, because there are so many, but the end of “The Gift” gets me Every. Single. Time.

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