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I just finished binge-watching Stranger Things, Netflix’s ode to 80s awesomeness original series.  I, just like everyone else that has tasted the sweet nectar of this Goonies meets Stand By Me meets Lost Boys meets ET series, fell head over heels in fangirl love with it.  

If you have seen Social Media at all in the last month you’d see it’s crazed with Stranger Things GIFs, clips, theories, etc.

I totally drank the kool-aid (its oh so good!) and if there is one thing I would put money on is that we are gonna see a million gals (and probably some guys) dressed up in a pink dress, blue jacket, Chuck Taylor high tops, knee high tube socks and a blonde wig this Halloween!


If you haven’t seen Stranger Things watch it NOW!  Seriously, stop reading this, pull up your NETFLIX (or someone else’s) and start streaming.  It will be the best 8 hours you have spent in a long time- maybe even since the 80s!

All I’m going to say so as not to have spoilers is that the eight episode series, follows the adventures of kids in and around a small Indiana town and is a homage to the 1980s works of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.

Eight episodes was certainly not enough for me to get my full fix and I am thirsty for more!  Thankfully this week NETFLIX  officially announced that the series will come back for a second season in summer 2017!


Style inspiration can come from the “strangest” places and the kids of Stranger Things, although set in the 80s, are sporting some totally on-trend looks.

It’s time to get ready for Fall by taking some style cues from these perfectly quirky, retro and preppy Stranger Things inspired vintage pieces, mixed patterns, textures and of course layers!


My new psychokinetic hero Eleven rocks a pink dress, windbreaker, chucks and tube socks like no one else.  A perfect mashup of feminine and masculine that is right on par with the hottest street-style trends.   Bad-ass yet girly.  Do I hear #OOTD?

ONE: Vivetta embroidered Hand Collar Dress

TWO: TOPMAN lightweight Coach Jacket

THREE: American Apparel Stripe Calf Sock

FOUR: Chuck Taylor High Top Sneaker


Steve, you may love to hate him (I know I do) but you can’t deny dude has some serious style.  Classic Nike sneakers, Herrington Jackets and Vintage polos are the key to his preppy layered look.

ONE: TOPMAN Navy Harrington Jacket

TWO: Vintage 80s OP Polo

THREE: NIKE Classic Sneaker

FOUR: G-Star RAW Arc jean


Nancy perfects the preppy ’80s look.  High rise jeans paired with like 40 layers of mixed patterned shirts and sweaters. She even dons shirts on top of shirts!  Accessorize with Nancy’s signature ballet slipper charm necklace and you have a winning Nancy inspired combo.

ONE: TOPSHOP Twist Detailed Marl Top

TWO: Ballet Slipper Charm Necklace

THREE: Tory Burch The Collins leather strap watch

FOUR: LeSportsSac Weekender Hobo

FIVE: Laurel Mock Loafer

SIX: TOPSHOP Black MOM jeans


Jonathan.  The creepy guy you love to root for.  Sure he verges on stalker but hey, he’s adorbs.  To achieve this tortured artist soul with an affinity for cameras  brooding bad boy look focus on outdoorsy combos of plaids, denim and a ton of distressed/washed tees.

ONE: TOPMAN Blue Wash Oversized T-shirt

TWO: Prana Channing Flannel Shirt

THREE: TOPMAN Vintage Wash Denim Jacket

FOUR: Vintage Pentax MX Camera


Mike, Dustin and Lucas.  These kids have mastered the art of layering.  Serious, serious layering.  This isn’t layering for the faint of heart, I’m talking tees layered with hoodies layered with nylon coach jackets layered with corduroy pieces, puffer vests and collared shirts. Jackets upon jackets upon jackets.

The key to pulling it off is combining different textures, colors and patterns to create something with lived in depth and retro flair.

ONE: Men’s Nylon Coach’s Jacket

TWO: Levi’s Corduroy Jacket

THREE: Men’s 3 tone trucker cap

FOUR: TOPMAN Mustard Waxed Jacket

FIVE: Vintage 80s Voltron hoodie

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