Stories by KO


I haven’t been this excited about a clothing launch in quite awhile.

Kelly Osborne has finally announced the release date of her highly anticipated fashion line Stories by KOSeptember 25th on HSN.

This first collection is called Chapter One.  Not only does it look absolutely adorbs (I would wear EVERY Piece), it will also range in size from 0-24.  Yes you heard me 0-24. This is basically unheard of for a celeb line, most lines run either from size 0-12 OR as a plus size range from size 16 and above- NEVER both!


It is beyond exciting to see a line that is all inclusive and gives women of totally different sizes the opportunity to wear the same looks!

Osborne admits that she isn’t trying to be the next number one fashion designer in the world her aim is simple: to make fashion more accessible to real girls.


The 13 piece collection is based in a palette of black & white with pops of color throughout and comprised of  cute jumpsuits, pencil frocks, a Union Jack dress, high-waisted skirts, minis, blazers, fun tees and a super chic rose print blouse. Prices will range from  from $55.00 to $170.00 US.

Hurry Up September 25th!!! I need to shop!

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