Redge Blaker spotted on Bleecker dressed Ted-to-toe.

 Redge Blaker spotted on Bleecker dressed Ted-to-toe.


Today Ted Baker launched a cheeky new digital campaign Streetwinker that embodies everything I love about Ted Baker London: style, humor and wit.

Streetwinker is a digital narrative centered around the dashing fictional character Redge Blaker- a sharp witted British Cultural Adventurer offering tongue-in-cheek tips on both impeccable style and ‘proper’ etiquette.

“Equal parts fashion anthropologist and style ambassador, Redge is always perfectly put together, a true British gent with a twist, epitomizing the exquisite attention to detail and the irreverent sense of humor for which the British brand is known.

You are cordially invited to meet Redge Blaker while viewing the Fall Winter Collection and afterwards be sure to “Spread The Ted”!

Long Live Ted!

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