Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher

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It’s that time of year when cold dry weather starts to creep in and your skin develops an urgent need for a little extra care.

Skin is dry, lips are chapped and for some reason when you look in the mirror things just don’t look the same as they did a month ago.  You have lost your glow.  In the back of your mind you keep thinking you must have missed a step in your skincare regime and according to Korean skincare experts at Sulwhasoo you have.  You missed the Finisher.

What is a finisher?  Think of it as a primer on steroids. It gives you the benefit of smooth makeup application like a primer but it does so much more than that!

Sulwhasoo is the first to introduce the concept of a skincare finisher into the modern skincare routine. Developed from the ancient tradition of Mi-an, which literally translates as “beautifying finish”, Mi-an was introduced 1,500 years ago as a last step in the skincare regime followed by Korean women in ancient times. It was formulated during the Age of Three Empires and recorded in the Kyuhap-Chongseo (Encyclopedia of Women’s Life) during the Joseon Dynasty.

What is It: Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher. To be used as the final step in your skincare routine it helps skincare products applied before it to be more readily absorbed and sealed in while also preparing skin for make up application.

What does it do: The finisher maximizes the effect of your other skin care products while building a protective barrier over your skin. The Luminature Essential Finisher’s primary focus is to give your face a luminous finish. But the product doesn’t just do that. Sulwhasoo’s finisher works to strengthen your skin’s metabolism, while building its luminosity and hydration over time. Giving you bright dewy skin, naturally.

What’s in it: includes the concentrate of 5 roots of ginger and the anti-oxidant benefits of 110 cups of green tea in every 80ml bottle.  A blend of Green Tea (to purify the skin) and Korean Red Ginseng (to help regenerate and strengthen inner skin regeneration) make up the major ingredients.

How to Use It: Apply day and night AFTER moisturizer.

Why I love it: OMG my glow is back! The recent cold dry weather combined with outdoor photoshoots have been brutal on my skin but Sulwhasoo’s finisher was just what the beauty doctor ordered- after just one application I had radiant glowing skin again!  Makeup applies smoother,  lasts waaaay longer and I noticed that this product really did enhance the effectiveness of my other skincare products by locking in the moisture.  I was at a point that I thought I needed to switch moisturizers but when combined with the Finisher it was like a jumpstart and all the things I loved about my moisturizer to begin with were renewed!  The Finisher is a must for your winter skincare routine!

Where to Buy it: Neiman Marcus and

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