Summer Camoflage: Spanx me! Spanx me!

Summer.  Oh Joy.  Time to start baring all our jiggly parts for the whole world to see. 

The ladies will spend hours  in badly lit dressing rooms agonizing  over how  not to look fat in a swimsuit and the guys clothing decisions will hinge on how to keep their shirt on at pool parties

All the bad eating and drinking decisions from the winter that you kept hidden under layers of stylish clothing are now out bouncing around in the bright sunlight screaming “Look at me!  Look at me!”

Not to fear….SPANX are HERE!

Spanx..the amazing secret weapon of Red Carpet walkers and Brides has made some BIG expansions this season!  The slimming garment women have been wearing for years now has a mens line and swimwear!  Whoo hoo!

Kramer (Seinfeld) was ahead of his time!  Gentlemen the Manzier is here…or at least this is pretty close. 

In March Spanx released their first mens line that will “comfortably firm the chest, flatten the stomach, improve posture, support the lower back and eliminate bulk under clothes”. 

No more beer bellies guys (at least not while you keep these shirts on) ! 

They are especially useful worn under fashion-trendy “slim cut” shirts! No more jiggle jiggle, muffin tops or man boobs!

Available in t-shirts, tanks and undershirts, you can pick them up at Neiman Marcus or online at but hurry according to Neiman Marcus they are selling faster than they can get them on the shelves!

…..and there’s more!

“The brand known for revolutionizing women’s undergarments is answering the call of women yet again and diving in with the launch of SPANX Swimsuits.”

 I must admit I was doubtful and expected to see some “Old Lady” swim styles but  these are seriously cute! 

Offering 1 and 2 piece styles that you can mix and match! Spanx swimwear  “offers comfortable yet powerful compression and chic styling” with “just the right amount of support”. Check out their website for stores and locations near you!

(above: Spanx “All the Wave” bandeau 1 piece)

So on behalf of all the “wish they had worked out more before summer so I wasn’t so jiggly” people out there, I would like to say ” Thank you Spanx!  Thank you!”

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  1. Christie, you are changing my life–at least the way I see myself in the mirror. Now to get my man in one of those manziers!


  2. I love it. Maybe with the Spanx I won’t need to go for the low-calorie margarita! Do they have a shirt yet that can make a beer gut look like a six pack?