Summer Must-Haves



Summer is here and it’s hot.  Hotter than hot hot.  Melt the soles of your shoes hot.

We here in Vegas are on our 15th day of over 100 degree temps.

Even at night we don’t get a break.  I wrapped a shoot at 11pm last night and it was still 98 degrees outside!

I barely want to have clothes on let alone carry a heavy tote bag in addition to my handbag so I have lightened the load and whittled my summer essentials down to five absolute daily must-haves that I take from work to pool to beach and beyond.

These are the five things I couldn’t live without through the hot summer days. Consider them my daily co-pilot.

One: Water. Water. Water. Hydrate. Enough said.  I bring my own bottle so I can refill on the go.

TWO: A good read.  I keep current on the latest in fashion with the newly launched WWD Weekly.

THREE: Sisley Paris Sunleya SPF 50. The ABSOLUTE hands down best face sunscreen around. Worth EVERY penny.  Providing a high level of protection this Broad Spectrum Face Sun Care with SPF 50+ has an advanced UVA/UVB filtering complex to deliver an elevated level of sun protection. Great for pale and sun sensitive skin (like mine) the Face Sun Care SPF 50 combines anti-radical ingredients (alkekengi calyx, vitamin E) to reinforce the natural defense system, with vegetal active ingredients (shea butter, cucumber) to hydrate. Its silky and non greasy texture leaves skin protected without a whitening effect. The scent is Sisley’s signature light, fresh, botanical, herbal fragrance so none of that typical sunscreen stink you get from other sunscreen products.

FOUR: If you follow me on instagram you know I am addicted to sunglasses and a ton of you have asked where I get them.  My secret to having different shades of the day is Giant Vintage Sunglasses.  They offer a HUGE selection of vintage and retro sunglasses from the 70s 80s and 90s at prices you can’t beat.

FIVE: V-Moda XS On Ear Headphones.  These beauties are super comfortable! No headaches from an uncomfortable headband. The XS’s ergonomic steel-flex headband with soft memory foam ear cushions provides a snug comfortable fit even during long listening sessions. They feature a collapsible design with this handy hard carrying case which makes them easy to toss in your bag and go!


Sisley Sunleya


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