Summer Reads: Fat Girl Walking


For all the girls (and guys) who, like me tend to eat our feelings and sometimes even drink them or for anyone who is having a down day and just needs a good laugh I have the perfect summer read for you “Fat Girl Walking”.

Fat Girl Walking, the debut book by blogger and body advocate Brittany Gibbons aka Brittany Herself, is a humorous, revealing and brutally honest look at Brittany’s life.  The story of a girl trying to find herself while battling weight issues, awkwardness, heartbreak, joy, dating, anxiety and learning to love yourself no matter what your size.

This is NOT a book about a weight loss journey.  It’s about the journey to love every curve.

If you follow me on Instagram you have no doubt noticed that I am totally bonkers over this book.

I couldn’t put it down and binge read it on a trip last week. Now I’m reading it for the SECOND time and have a line of friends waiting to borrow it!  Brittany has a way of being so embarrassingly honest you feel as if you are her best friend standing at her side as everything unfolds, wanting to give her a hug here, a “girl don’t do that” there and a high five every now and again.  Yeah, in mind my we are totally BFF’s lol.

I do have one warning, be prepared for people to stare as you uncontrollably laugh out loud while reading.  Seriously you won’t be able to help it.  Its that good!

I was just at brunch with some friends and shared this excerpt out loud with them:

“And it was from Casey that I received perhaps some of the greatest relationship rules ever:

1. Never date a boy who listens to rap music and makes you call him by his white rapper name.

2. If the first kiss is bad, the second will be way worse.

3. A good night cream is more important than air.

4. Nothing saves a Keanu Reeves movie except a well-times hand job.

5. Hickeys are for truck drivers with jealous wives.

6. If a boy tells you he is gay, believe him, believe him, believe him.”

…….as we were loudly laughing and clinking our bottomless Mimosa’s to the wonderfulness that is Brittany Gibbons, the table next to us asked me the name of the book and where there could buy it.  Contagious!

A You HAVE to read this Read.  Pick up a copy by clicking here. and check out Brittany’s blog by clicking here.

Yay Brittany!

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