Summer Style for Shorts Haters

Summer is here and boy oh boy it has arrived with a vengeance.  

Last week I was relaxing on the patio in a gorgeous 75 degrees and this week I can’t even open the door without feeling like someone turned a giant hair dryer onto the “hotter than hell” setting.

We all have our sunscreen and sunglasses at the ready but the biggest question is what to wear.

I don’t wear shorts, I am a shorts hater. I don’t lay out in the sun and tan and you certainly won’t see me in a midriff. I am NOT a summer clothing person.  Give me a leather jacket and something to layer- that is my happy place.  So when summer arrives I need to get a little creative.

Whether its a chic city day look, sultry evening ensemble or “off-duty” Saturday style, summer dressing without shorts is all about feather light fabrics, loose fits and embracing the “feel” of the season.

For all the other shorts haters out there I put together three chic shorts-free summer looks that will keep you cool while still maintaining your “no-shorts” policy.


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