Suspenders – Should I go skinny or wide?

Hey Fellas, I have something just for you this week.  A dude-a-rific guest post from Josh Bluman, Head Dude of Suspenders at JJ Suspenders on the great debate of how skinny or wide to go with your suspenders.

Passing off to Josh now……

Suspenders are one of the most interesting yet versatile ways to spruce up your wardrobe – allowing you to go from from a rustic and hipster vibe to the sleek and classic styles of formal events.

At JJ Suspenders, we love to err on the side of bold fashion choices but we want to examine one of the differences between the ample variety of suspenders available. So should you go with a skinny or wide suspender style? We’ll let you decide while giving you our suggestions along the way.

Skinny Suspenders

Explore the stylish side of things by donning a skinny suspender in any color. Black, brown, red, green, purple, stripes, polka dots – really, the choice is all yours.


Go ultra relaxed by adding a pair of fun suspenders to a dark wash jean and plaid button down. Rock this casual street style with a button on or clip on suspender option. Just don’t forget to loose the belt!

Our ideal semi-casual outfit begins with a cognac brown leather shoe worn with the a dark gray trouser and your favorite skinny suspenders. Top your look off with a blazer for the ultimate business casual ensemble.


Feeling bolder? A soft felt fedora would look daring paired with a classic red suspenders and a charcoal gray shirt. As your every day best fashion accessory, you are at liberty to showcase your personality and fashion flare. In fact, it’s encouraged!

Wide Suspenders

For a more simple and classic spin on the suspenders trend, try donning a pair of wide suspenders for a modern twist on a traditional accessory. Slightly more functional than stylish, wide suspenders give off a stronger, bolder look that’s perfect for a variety of occasions on the more formal side of things.


Pair wide suspenders with an argyle cardigan or a tartan tie to your next work event and see if you don’t turn a few heads. Your suit will look slick and your strut will command authority. Really, it is a win/win!


We cannot forget the most popular place to wear suspenders, weddings! Add pizzazz to your formal event outfit, no matter if you are a groomsmen, guest, or the groom himself! Go for a button on suspender in a contrasting color from your suit for a nice, unexpected pop to your outfit.

So who wins? The more trendy and casual skinny suspenders or the formal and classic wide suspenders?

At the end of the day, whether you wish to wear wide or skinny suspenders, it really comes down to a matter of choice. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all the different styles available. When done well, deciding to wear a pair one of these infinitely versatile accessories will look rather dashing, if we do say so ourselves.

For more tips on how to wear suspenders, click here for the JJ Suspenders Style Guide!

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