Stadler Form: Baby it's Cold Outside

Baby it’s cold outside!

Last summer I introduced you to some amazing fans to cool things down from my fav fashion meets function website Stadler Form.

Now they are back to heat things up this winter with a stunning heater and hydration relief from the dry weather with my top rated product- the travel humidifier.

Based on the belief that household appliances are important and useful but can sometimes be “the ugly ducklings of the family”, Stadler Form came up with the idea to “import attractive household products”.

“Each of the items we import are unique products of Swiss design, focusing on making household appliances emotionally appealing”.

“Makeing life colorful and enjoyable is the goal and endevor of us all”.

Anna is Hot!

“Anna raises the temperature.  Not just because of her hot looks but mainly because this wonderful little heater is equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element”.

This tiny sleek  lady packs a big punch!  She warms an entire room discreetly and quietly with two levels to choose from. Because of the PTC element the unit will not overheat and  has the additional safety feature of automatic shut off thanks to integrated tilt protection!  The unit remains cool to the touch so no worries of pets or children burning themselves.

Now that they have warmed you up Stadler Form  want’s to keep you hydrated.

I have discussed the importance of keeping your skin hydrated through the winter and how much I love travel humidifiers before.

Our skin takes a lot of abuse.  The cold brutal air of winter doesn’t leave our skin at its best.

Not only does the outdoor weather wear on our skin, the indoor climates we are exposed to can do just as much damage!

Indoors- especially at work and in hotel rooms- the air has little to no moisture.  “As much as 60% of the human body is composed of water and the ideal humidity level is between 40% to 60%.  When the air around you is dry it will draw moisture from any available source, including your eyes, skin and lips!”  Hello leather-face!

When your skin gets dehydrated, your wrinkles are more noticeable and your skin tone takes on a sallow cast.

Humidifying your skin indoors (especially at night while you sleep) will help to keep your skin soft, smooth and comfortable plus you’ll find you need less concealer and foundation!  Ahhh Fresh Youthful skin!

The last travel humidifier I discussed has proven to be difficult for some of my readers to obtain.  Stadler Form  has the answer!  The Jerry!

Not only is the Jerry an Ah-mazing humidifier he is super affordable (only $49.99). Just add your own water bottle, plug in and enjoy the clean moist air anywhere!  Jerry includes a AC adapter and exchangeable plugs which allows Jerry to be used throughout North America, Europe and Asia!

I LOVE this product!  Seriously if you don’t own a travel humidifier you need to get one!  I do a considerable amount of traveling for my work and the Jerry Travel humidifier keeps my skin fresh and dewy even in the dry hotel air- and no weird “hotel room” dry throat or messy bloody nose in the mornings! I have to beat the models I travel with off with a stick–they all wanted to take Jerry to their rooms for the night!

Stadler Form delivers once again!

This week 2 lucky winners will receive some Winter comfort from Stadler Form.

1 Winner will recieve a Jerry Travle Humidifier and another will receive a sleek Anna heater.

To Enter:

First, if you haven’t already subscribe to this blog.  You can subscribe Via Email at the top right of sidebar.

Next leave a comment on this post between Dec 4 and Dec 10 tell me whether you want to heat or hydrate.

Good Luck and thanks for reading!

For additional entries use the buttons below to share on Facebook and twitter.

Last weeks lucky winner is Mikie!  Congrats!


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  1. Great information as usual Christie!
    Both would be great with little Jude almost here, but I guess I’d pick heat considering the chilly Cali air!

  2. I love my travel humidifier! Never leave home without it, except this time to HK and missing it terribly. But, that space heater looks like it could be my new friend this winter. 🙂

  3. I would LOVE a heater for my office! It is soooooo cccccoooollldddd in there. I asked facilities several times today to fix the cold, blowing air conditioning (69 degrees). They blame it on the building….so I guess that means that I will be living in blankets and fingerless gloves this winter, unless I win this awesome, amazing Anna heater. I will give it lots of love everyday – I promise!

  4. I see everyone wants the heater … not me. Cold doesn’t bother me (still wearing shorts @ 22F); plus I live in an apartment where heat is free, albeit very dry heat and the apartment is poorly insulated. This is why I need a humidifier. Hydrate the skin, lips, and throat.

    I already use my Stadler Charly little every night and I know that Jerry would make a great compliment. Picketh I please.

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