Swizz Style Fashion meets Function

I like to do everything with style, including staying cool through summer’s heat, but a loud bulky unsightly fan doesn’t do much for my Mid-Century Modern living room!

Luckily, Swizz Style shares my passion for being both fashionable and functional!

Based on the belief that household appliances are important and useful but can sometimes be “the ugly ducklings of the family”, Swizz Style came up with the idea to “import attractive household products”. 

“Each of the items we import are unique products of Swiss design by the company Stadler Form, focusing on making household appliances emotionally appealing”.

“Makeing life colorful and enjoyable is the goal and endevor of us all” says Swizz Style.

I am in love with everything on the website but 2 fans really stood out for me!  These pieces are truly appliances with purpose and style. (no need to shove them in the closet when you aren’t using these, they actually contribute to your decor rather than being an eyesore upon it!)

The Charly-Designed by artist Matti Walker.

Sleek style with a modern yet retro feel. “Charly has a design resembling a jet aircraft turbine and an air-moving performance to match.  Three aluminum blades allow this fan to circulate up to 54,000-81,000 cubic feet of air per hour.  Thank to his rounded, die-cast zinc base, Charly remains firmly anchored on the ground while being adjustable in angle.  The air circulation can be set to one of three levels.”

The Otto designed by artist Carlo Borer.  
The Otto looks so chic in my living room- a piece of art rather than just an appliance.

“When heat builds up indoors in summer, the slightest breath of wind is welcome:  Otto helps with a gentle breeze or a generous gale!  The Otto is made of African sapele (a large deciduous tropical tree native to Africa).  The wood is similar to mahogany with it smooth fine grain and deep warm sienna.  It’s a durable wood, perfect for everyday lasting beauty- enhanced and protected by oil varnish. High grade steel balances the natural form of the sapele wood with modern contemporary style”.

The artists have outdone themselves on these designs.  Silent, sleek, and awe inspiring.   

 You can pick one up and check out their other styles at www.swizz-style.com

Swizz Style wants you to have Fashion and Function this summer!
1 Lucky winner will receive an “Otto” fan by Stadler Form from Swizz Style!  
a 2nd lucky winner will receive a “Charly” fan by Stadler Form from Swizz Style!
First, if you haven’t already subscribe to this blog. (you can subscribe VIA EMAIL at the top right of the sidebar)
NEXT visit http://swizz-style.myshopify.com/ and check out their selection of products.
THEN leave a comment on this post  between May 15 and May 21 telling me what your favorite is.
Good Luck and thanks for Reading!
Last weeks lucky winner is Lauren S. Congrats!

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  1. These fans are rad! Living in Las Vegas we need to circulate the air, I have ceiling fans and a hideous industrial fan in my living room. I really like these 2 fans as well, and on the site I really like the MAX fan heater, it is so cool looking! Thanks for another amazing find Christie! 🙂

  2. Charly Little Fan.

    I can’t go to bed at night unless I have my fan going, but its getting old. Maybe you could help me with replacing it? 🙂

  3. It’s hard to pick a favorite when both of them are so fantastic and stylish … and either one would look fantastic in my home as we embark on the sizzling hot Vegas summer months! If I had to pick jus one it would be the Otto fan … however, the Charlie would also complement our decor. I love them both! 🙂

  4. I really love “Stadler Form FRED hot steam humidifier”. It looks like a mini alien spaceship. I love humidifiers, especially in dry Las Vegas — makes it easier to breathe at night!!

  5. The Otto fan would be the perfect addition to my office! It will really come in handy soon when my it heats up like a sauna!

  6. They both rock, but the Otto wins in my book. I can just imagine sitting right in front of it, while I’m drying my nails on a roasting hot afternoon… 🙂

  7. Love almost everything on this site. If I had to choose one it would be any of the humidifiers, because that isn’t something that is modern in my house

  8. The Otto is by far my favorite. My wife is 7 months pregnant and heading into the heat of the summer- with no air-conditioning, this fan would make life so much better for both of us! Every year I tend to buy some ugly eye sore of a fan and plop it in the middle of the living room just to help beat the heat, then throw it away at the end of the season. The Otto is not only functional, but a piece of art that would fit perfectly with my decor- making it a piece I would be proud to display year after year!

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