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5 Things I Bought On Amazon This Month

5 Things I Bought On Amazon

We are addicted to online shopping and why shouldn’t we be?

Online shopping has made our lives so much easier.  Whether it’s because we just don’t have time to get to a store with our busy schedules, a super easy way to send gifts, the convenience of being able to find anything you could possibly dream of at the tips of your fingers or simply the comfort of shopping while sipping wine in your pj’s, online shopping has become a HUGE part of our lives.

And the MOTHER of all online shopping is Amazon, it’s the land of  “everything.”

Thanks to Amazon Prime anything you could possibly want can be ordered with the click of a button and arrive on your doorstep in two days or less — sometimes, even the same day. We live in a magical time.

It’s a pretty awesome power! What’s really funny though is that we don’t really “talk” about our Amazon purchases.  So I thought I would start a new series dedicated to must-have things I purchased on Amazon.  Although I most likely purchase MORE than 5 things a month with my Prime membership (hey sometimes driving to Target to get shaving cream or hand soap just isn’t in the schedule) I am going to focus on FIVE things a month that were really good scores.

My first two purchases have been lifesavers or should I say package savers- earlier this month my packages were stolen from my doorstep.  Wha Wha Wha…Total bummer.

The police recommended that I buy a “deliveries” box and a lock that Fed-Ex, USPS and UPS could leave packages in.  Search, Click and Click I had this high tech lock from BOXLOCK and STEP2 Deluxe Package Deliveries Box in my Amazon Cart.

5 Things I Bought On Amazon

ONE: STEP2 Deluxe Package Deliveries Box is a resin package box with a hinged lid that you place on your doorstep.  I weighed mine down with my hubby’s extra weights but you can also use sandbags. There is plenty of space to fit multiple packages- even if you went on a late night AMAZON shopping spree.

5 Things I Bought On Amazon

TWO: BOXLOCK is the first SMARTLOCK  padlock, specifically designed to protect deliveries from porch pirates and package thieves.  Download the BoxLock app to your Apple or Android phone, pair your lock, connect it to your home WiFi and… voila! The app will guide you on how to connect (or create) your accounts with USPS Informed Delivery, UPS MyChoice, Fedex Delivery Manager and Amazon Prime. The lock receives updates from carriers via WiFi. With the app, you can control the functions of your BoxLock: locking and unlocking it, tracking your packages, and sharing access to it with friends and family.

5 Things I Bought On Amazon

THREE: Chloven 20 piece Satin Hair Scrunchies.  If you know me you know I am a HUGE advocate for scrunchies. Aside from the fact that they’re way more comfortable than a ponytail holder, they won’t leave “dent’s” in your hair, will extend the life of your blow-out AND can function as a statement accessory!  Layer them, stack them or work it with just one to create coifs that take your hair from same-old same-old to model-off-duty effortlessly chic. This fun pack from CLOVEN is  a steal of a price with a 20 piece plethora of chic matte satin fabric scrunchies in a trend perfect rainbow of colors.

5 Things I Bought On Amazon

FOUR: FURTHER Hand Soap and Lotion.  The studio I was shooting at in New York a couple weeks ago had this scrumptious hand duo in their bathrooms.  I fell in love and ordered it with my Prime on the spot- it actually got to my house before I did LOL. It is a sustainable product housed in recycled bottles derived from locally sourced depleted vegetable oil.  The company’s founders gather used vegetable oil from some of the nation’s finest restaurants and then processes it in their warehouse. The fresh uplifting fragrance is a combination of bergamot, olive, and exotic grasses.  Heavenly!

5 Things I Bought On Amazon

FIVE: Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon and Spice Tea. I have been OBSESSED with tea lately.  After a stop at Dutch Bros. last month I fell in love with their delicious cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves blend. I used my detective skills (actually I just looked at the logo on the tea bag tab) to discover it was Harney & Sons.  Within 10 minutes I ordered it and have been sipping it all month!

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