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Tips for Rocking Bohemian Style

Have you been feeling those sweet bohemian fashion vibes lately? Bohemian style is always a chic solution for hot summer months.  They are lightweight, loose, totally flowy and set an effortlessly chic mood.

The Bohemian fashion vibe is hotter than ever. All you have to do is glimpse at the website for just about any brand to see that they are serving up an ample selection of Bohemian style.

This may come as a shock to some of you but guess what- Bohemian Fashion wasn’t invented by Free People or Anthropologie.

As with most fashion trends it began with a revolution.  The Bohemian subculture started in France after the French Revolution. As the country plummeted into a recession, artists as a group were no longer being supported by the wealthy. This created a difficult lifestyle of poverty. They lived cheaply, wore worn-out clothes, and took up a nomadic lifestyle, traveling in search of work.

Now, Bohemian style in both fashion and home decor is based on the idea of fusion and travel. In homes, this means mixing decor from all over the world, layering rugs and fabrics, and having a comfortable setting where anyone would feel creative, inspired, and comfortable.

In fashion, Bohemian style is super easy to wear. Flowy, romantic pieces inspired by artists and cultures from around the world have an artistic and free-spirited vibe. Staples include prairie dresses, maxi skirts and dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, prairie blouses, western inspired booties and other earthy pieces.  They work for all ages and all body types, which is one of the reasons this style has stuck around for decades.

Have you been wanting to try the Bohemian trend but you’ve been unsure how to pull it off?  Let’s put on some Neil Young, light a sage stick and get to work.

Here are a few tips for Rocking Bohemian Style:

  • The Rule of FOUR.  Stylist’s have a secret formula to creating AMAZING looks, it’s called the Rule of FOUR. You want to have at least FOUR points of interest to any look. Add up the things you are wearing and make sure there are at least FOUR pieces.  This includes accessories.
  • Mix prints. Remember my rule- when you mix prints use ONE color as an anchor to unify the different prints.  If the is a bit of blue in your skirt make sure there is a suggestion of blue in your top.
  • Add boots to dresses and skirts.  Ditch the heels and add boots- this will instantly toughen up your look.
  • Look for interesting fabrics such as prairie florals, macrame, patchwork, paisley, and silk.
  • Fringe is always a good idea.  A fringe bag or jacket is a perfect partner for a boho look.
  • Add a belt.  A belt will help define your waist in the midst of all this flowiness.

What I’m wearing: Ulla Johnson Blouse | Ramy Brook Fringe Bag | TOPSHOP Belt | Urban Prairie Girl Skirt | INC Boots|

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How to wear the Bohemian trend