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Boozy Brunch Easy Easter Egg Paloma

Boozy Brunch Easy Easter Egg Paloma

There is nothing I love more than a good boozy brunch.

Each year for Easter my family hosts an egg hunt and brunch. The vibe usually consists of the kids running around looking for eggs and eating way too much candy from their Easter baskets while the adults sit and sip on cocktails.. so kinda just like Christmas but its outdoors in Spring weather lol.

Although this year Easter may look a different- no giant egg hunts or friends coming over for brunch, you can still make it festive and celebrate the holiday in a smaller format by creating something fun for the adults- a little Easter Bunny gift for each place setting. Because let’s face it- we  could all use a little holiday joy right now.

Table gifts always add a certain festive flair to a table setting. For me, the idea for a table gift is pretty simple: it’s something typically inexpensive, and fun enough to get the conversation at the table going. It’s a party favor…with a little holiday twist.  You could also leave these on your neighbors doorsteps to give them a big dose of Happy!

Any party favor I create usually involves booze, so I decided to create the ultimate Spring brunch cocktail DIY, a Boozy Brunch Easy Easter Egg Paloma.

Paloma’s are the brunch version of a Margarita. Rosey-hued, bittersweet and totally delicious this recipe puts a “skinny” spin on a traditional Paloma by blending Grapefruit Bubly, Tequila, Agave and lime juice into the PERFECT Boozy Brunch Spring Cocktail.

For my table gifts I crafted this easy to mix version of a Paloma using just FOUR ingredients which are all included in the table gift.

To create individual “Everything You Need for a Paloma” kits, I enlisted over-sized clear Easter Eggs from the Dollar Store to hold all of my drink ingredients, some Easter Grass and a printable recipe card with mixing instructions.

I love that this let’s you mix up your own cute cocktails right at the table or leave them on friends/neighbors doorsteps for an Easter pick-me-up.

You can also do this with mini wine bottles or create non-alcohol versions for kids.

Boozy Brunch Easy Easter Egg Paloma

What You Need:

You can do this the night before-

Place a small amount of Easter grass in the bottom of the egg. Next, arrange all of your ingredients on top of the grass.  It may take a few tries to get it all to fit depending on the size of your lime. Add the printable card in the lid of your egg, place on top and snap into place!  Put one egg at each table setting and watch your guests eyes light up!

Boozy Brunch Easy Easter Egg Paloma

Boozy Brunch Easy Easter Egg Paloma

Boozy Brunch Easy Easter Egg Paloma