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Just Breathe

Just Breathe Radhika Vachani

This week I am introducing a brand new series called “What’s On My Bookshelf”.

The new category will cover what I’m currently reading and some of my favorite past reads, from fiction to fashion industry books and everything in between!

Let’s Get Started.

Just Breathe: The Most Powerful Tool for Personal Transformation and Happiness by Radhika Vachani

There seems to be more yoga studio’s than Starbucks these days, one on just about every corner.  Even 24 hour big-box gyms offer yoga classes.  The Western World has in a sense taken Yoga and run with it.  It has ran so far and so fast that it has left this ancient practices mental and spiritual origins behind.

“Yoga is a science of the mind.  It not only teaches us how to live a more mindful and meaningful existence, but it also helps us discover our remarkable individual potential”, says Radhika Vachani.

This is the heartbeat behind her new book Just Breathe: The Most Powerful Tool for Personal Transformation and Happiness.

About the Book:  Vachani (who left her successful corporate career in San Francisco to open Yogacara Healing Arts, one of the most popular yoga and wellness institutions in Mumbai, India) takes us through her own personal journey with Iyengar yoga which helped her climb out of a pit of anxiety, depression and illness, into a life of meaning and joy and lessons on how to use the Yoga sutras, breathing techniques, self discovery, meditation and mindfulness to skillfully maneuver through the stressful rollercoaster of life and discover the best version of yourself.

Why I’m Loving this book: Vachani’s journey is captivating and interesting but the hidden gems within the book are the breathing techniques.  Whether you use them twice a day to center yourself, before and after yoga to help with your practice or as I have been using them: at a time of high stress to step away and recenter they truly help you to settle the mind and focus.

Who Should Read It:  An informative and useful read for everyone! Whether you are a yoga practitioner or someone who just needs some tools to fight stress, depression and anxiety.

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