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Getting Hitched the Royal Way

The Royal Wedding has sent the  wedding industry into a British trendsetting flurry which is leaving women around the globe clamoring for one of Britain’s most fashionable wedding accessories: The Fascinator.

You may be curious yet nervous about Fascinators so I sat down with one of my favorite British imports Las Vegas Designer Claire Jane Vranian, creator and designer behind Inspired by Claire Jane, to get to the root of the Fascinator trend:

Q: What is a Fascinator?

CJ: A fascinator is a headpiece.  The word fascinator originally referred to a fine lacy head covering made from wool or lace but mostly feathers.  Today a Fascinator may be worn instead of a hat on occations where hats are traditionally worn- such as weddings- or as an evening accessory. Ranging in size but always bigger than a Barrett most modern fascinators are made with feathers, flowers or beads. They are particularly popular at hose racing events such as the Kentucky derby and many brides choose to wear them as an alternative to a veil.

Q: Why do the British wear them?

CJ: For us Brits the tradition dates back to the time when the Anglican Church required ladies to keep their heads covered in Church, much like other religions still do to today. Hats and Fascinators have been a very important British fashion statement since the time of Henry VIII.  The media coverage of the Royal wedding brought this British tradition front and center to audiences around the world who have embraced it.

Q: How does one properly wear a Fascinator?  Where should it be placed on the head?

CJ: I think they look amazing with a big updo and smaller ones with the hair down, or hair pulled back right off the face to show the fashion piece, these are a fashion statements so if you’re going to wear one make it count!  I always like to show them leaning towards the front and to the right side of the head.

Q: What is the best way to secure them to ensure they stay in place?

CJ: For your big wedding day have your hair stylist place it in and have it reinforced with extra clips, especially if you’re having an updo they can work it into it. Otherwise pick a style that works with your hair. I create my fascinators either with a Headband or Clip, or both so they can be interchanged to suit the individual.

Q: What is the proper Fascinator ediquette?  Do you take them off indoors, take them off in church or leave them on the entire evening?

CJ: I think it’s up to the individual at their event. At the Royal Wedding they all stayed on in the Church and at Reception!

Q: What is a good rule of thumb when selecting a Fascinator?  How you get the the WOW factor rather than the WTF factor? Size, style, etc.

CJ: Buy one from ME!!  Hair fascinators need to be worn with confidence and pick one that is suited with your outfit and your headsize and hair type.  If you’re not sure but want to wear one, start off with a small to medium fascinator with your favorite colors.  I love to create custom orders so if you want something special for a wedding, cocktail party etc please email me at [email protected]  with a photograph of your outfit.