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Chanel Ombre Premiere

Chanel Ombre Premiere

CHANEL Beauty has recently launched a brand new range of eyeshadows that are so good I just had to share.

The Chanel OMBRE PREMIÈRE collection is comprised of 8 gorgeous smooth cream shadows and 16 powder shadows.

They are long wearing, blend out like a dream, and are designed to mix, match and layer!

The shades include a little something for every mood: lux neutrals, bright brilliant colors and the most fantastic metallics I have ever seen.

I popped into the Chanel Beauty Boutique at the Forum Shops to give you a peek at this shadow game-changing collection. Ombre Premiere Longwear Powder Eyeshadow

Chanel Ombre Premiere Powder

The Ombre Premiere Longwear Powder Eyeshadow is absolute PERFECTION!  

Seriously, Chanel dropped the mic with this product. It delivers intense pigment like no other.


These swatches are with just one swipe of my finger.  Yeah, the color payoff is THAT good and it’s long-wearing, too!

The powder shadows come in three different finishes: matte, satin or metallic, have a super soft silky texture and blend out like magic.

Abracadabra fab-u-lous.  I am OBSESSED with Gris Anthracite.

Chanel Ombre Premiere Cream

The cream shadows are both lux and effortless.

Chanel Ombre Premiere Cream

Quick and easy to use, just a few swipes with your finger across the eyelid and it’s eyeshadow perfection.  Honestly these are a dream come true for someone who doesn’t want to have to spend alot of time on their makeup application.

Rich but not at all heavy, they glide smoothly over the eyelid and aren’t sticky, so you can wear several layers and still enjoy the lightweight feeling.

All the shades are chic and classic, totally wearable with not too much shimmer or glitter.

The cream shadows can also be layered with the powder shadows to make them even richer.

This shadow collection has quickly jumped to number one on my beauty must-have list.

The Chanel Ombre Premiere Eyeshadow Collection is Available at The Chanel Beauty Boutique in The Forum Shops.

Gabrielle Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel

A new Chanel fragrance is a very rare event, the last was the debut of Chance in 2002 (fifteen years ago) but on September 1st the world will finally meet Gabrielle Chanel, the latest olfactory masterpiece from Chanel.

Gabrielle Chanel

Last week I got an insider preview of the fragrance at the Chanel Beauty Boutique in The Forum Shops at Caesars and today I’m dishing on the details.

The scent is named after Coco Chanel herself.  Gabrielle was actually her real name!  Coco (her nickname) has become so legendary today, that everyone forgets that her given name was Gabrielle.

The design of the bottle is super sleek and feminine (the thinnest to date) and it took the fashion house years to perfect. If you look at most perfume bottles, you’ll see they have a solid bit of glass at the bottom, whereas with the Gabrielle bottle, the base is sleek, chic and barely there.

Gabrielle Chanel

Playing with the idea of duality, a woman being both lady and rebel, this scent is instantly a classic and yet something new, more modern and contemporary.

It’s Chanel for a new generation.  Opening with notes of white florals and jasmine the scent then settles with fruity green notes of Ylang-Ylang, sparkling Orange Blossom and Grasse Tuberose.

Totally addictive.

MAJOR INSIDER TIP:  Although the fragrance doesn’t launch worldwide until September 1st, 2017 YOU can get it NOW exclusively at the Chanel Beauty Boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesars! Just tell them you want to meet Gabrielle.

Gabrielle chanel

Polish up your look: Nail Trends for Summer/Fall

The biggest statement accessory this season is right at your fingertips!

Bold nail looks add a punch to any ensemble and can spice up even the most boring casual look. 

Here are the Top 6 nail trends for Summer/Fall.

1. Toss the Gloss ladies!  Matte is Back!  Get rid of those glossy polishes.  Fashion is moving forward with an ultra modern Matte look.  My favorite Matte line is Manglaze   , the “Originators” of  matte polish.   I spoke with Marc from Manglaze and here is what he had to say about the Matte Trend, ” I think its great that the industry has discovered that besides just color, there is a whole world of textures people would like to consider on their nails.  You still get the mall masses who can only appreciate glossy but some really cool chicks and a bunch of guys really appreciate some more hard core finishes”.  Manglaze is worn by about 50/50 men/women. Packaged in super cool bottles with punk rock/indie label style graphics, the colors have great names like “Fuggen Ugly Matte Grey” and “Matte is Murder Matte Black”, that make you proud to tell someone the name of the shade you have on!

(above: Manglaze “Fuggen Ugly” matte grey polish)

2. Say  au revoir to boring French manicures and welcome in the “New Moon”.  Moon manicures (also known as the “Gatsby”) were originally popular on silver screen stars in the 1920s and 1930s.  This classic sophisticated look is BACK!  Polish is applied to the nail but not to the moon, creating a chic retro inspired look.  Can also be done in a two tone style with the moon one color and the rest of the nail another. (to get a “perfect” moon manicure make an appointment with Tricia Mesa at 702.395.6665 ext. 119)

(above: Moon Manicure by Tricia Mesa for Ceasars Player Magazine)

3. Step back Black!  Grey is the new “it” color for nails.  Softer than black but just as edgy. Grey nails made a huge showing at New Yorks Fashion Week and all the Celebs are rocking this trend.  From graphite to dove and the new color “griege”, grey nails definitely make a statement. 

(above: Lilly Allen in Chanel’s Griege color “Particuliere”)

4. Sparkle.  Sparkle.  Sparkle.  Glitter  polishes will shine you through summer and into fall! Who doesn’t feel great in something sparkly and bonus, they last a VERY long time!  My favorite is Deborah Lippman “Happy Birthday”, its a party in a bottle.

(above: Deborah Lippman “Happy Birthday”)

5. Feeling Blue?  In general all blue hues are hip.  Celebrities are going crazy for it!  For summer I am loving the turquoise and teals.   They create a fresh, sophisticated and trendy look!  According to Neiman Marcus NARS “Blue Lagoon” from the Vintage Polish Collection is the NOW color that they can barely keep stocked!

6. Vibrant Red. Red nails are another must-have this season. Red is the classic color that will never lose its charm.   Whether you choose a powerful and elegant classic red or a more youthful one like coral red, red nail polish  is one of the hottest trends when it comes to nail polish.   Selecting the perfect shade of red can be difficult so I spoke with the folks at Deborah Lippman and here is what Deborah has to say about red nails, ” Here is my rule of thumb: Think about if you’re going to wear a lip shade, try to use what would look good on your face when looking for your nail color.  In the summer a lot of us like to tan, which you shouldn’t do. But if you have an olive tone to your skin during the summer months than an orange red will look better on that skin tone.  A blue or more blood red is better if you have a pale/pink skin tone. A person with darker skin can wear almost any shade, colors on dark skin don’t make as much of a statement as they do on light skin tones.  Remember when wearing red polish in these modern times it is never necessary to wear your nails long. It is however necessary for the length to be the same.  A rounder tip is more modern on a short nail. A slightly almond shape on a slightly longer nail is very chic.”  I am in love Deborah Lippmans “Supermodel”.  A shade that was created with model Dree Hemingway.

(above: Deborah Lippman “Supermodel”)


The Rockin’ folks at Manglaze have partnered with me on a great promotion!  We will be giving away a set of their entire line! 

All you have to do to ENTER  is leave a comment on this blog post (scroll back up to the top of this page and click on the comment icon) between June 14 and June 18, telling me how you put a little “polish”  on your look, along with your email address so that I can contact you if you win.

The product will ship within 30 days (they are waiting for their new and out of stock colors to come in, so you will be one of the first to have them!)


Keep up with my Blog June 18-21 I will be running a giveaway Promotion with Deborah Lippman and 1 lucky reader will win a bottle of “Supermodel”!!!

Good Luck and thanks for reading!