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I Wear My Sunglasses at Night: Summer Sunglass Trends

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Sunglasses are THE must-have accessory for summer, no matter what trend you follow.   Not only do they look cool, they hide wrinkles, protect you from the sun and shield you on non-makeup days!

It’s not about having the most expensive pair this season.  The goal is to add some fun, whimsy, color and personality to your eye-wear!   This summer you can’t go wrong with anything that feels retro or vintage.  Carrera, the sunglasses made famous on Miami Vice,  were all over the Fashion Week runways. Funky Ray-bans are being coveted by Celebrities and everywhere you look its ALL ABOUT COLOR!

(above: Lady Gaga in Carrera Navigators)

Selecting the right style/shape sunglasses can be a little overwhelming.  There are so many types out there!  To give you a little knowledge BEFORE you hit the stores I’ve narrowed the Summer Sunglass trends down to six styles/shapes: Wayfarer, Aviator, Navigator, Square, Over-sized Round and Modified Cat’s Eye.

Wayfarer.   Wayfarer’s were first designed by Ray-Ban in 1952. They were among the first plastic sunglasses ever made. Wayfarer’s were extremely popular up until the 1970’s, They didn’t regain popularity until the early 80’s when movie stars, like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, began wearing them.  Fashionable for both men and women Wayfarers are hot again but this time in bright colors like neon, red, white, bubble-gum pink, etc. Check out Ray-Bans “Rare Prints” collection for something really unique and Zooey Deschanel’s line “Zooey” with Oliver Peoples.

(above: Ray-Ban “Original Wayfarer” with Orange on white Subway Text from Rare Prints Collection)

(above: Zooey  line by Zooey Deschanel for Oliver Peoples)

Aviator.  Aviators, also know as “Cop Shades”,  have an over sized teardrop-shaped lens (which looks similar to a pilots goggles) and a thin metal frame. The design was introduced in 1936 by  Ray-Ban  for issue to U.S. military pilots. Popular on both men and women.  This season make sure you have a pair with white frames!

(above: Ray-Ban  “Aviator” with white metal frame)

(above: David Beckham in Ray-Ban Aviators)

 Navigator.  Another Unisex style, navigator shades are similar to aviators but sporty with a more squared off lens shape (not as droopy of a teardrop as the Aviator). You’ll see them in both metal and plastic frames in a variety of colors. This is the style sported on Miami Vice that made Carrera so popular in the 80’s.

(above: Carrera “Speedway” sunglasses)

Square.  Definitely THE HOTTEST TREND this season.  They look AMAZING on everyone!  Fashionable and they give you tons of coverage!  Every Celebrity and Socialite has a pair of these.  Great for staying Incognito.

(above: Derek Lam “Gemma” sunglasses)

(above: Eva Mendes in Square shades)

Over-sized Round.  Think Jackie O.  Choosing over sized  eye-wear can be tricky. Make sure to select a frame that doesn’t swallow your whole face. These styles are great for adding glamour to an ordinary outfit. I prefer the round wrap styles.

(above: D&G “MGD” sunglasses designed by Madonna)

Modified Cat’s Eye.  These aren’t your typical “Pink Ladies” cat’s eye glasses.  They are Bigger and Funkier!  Spotted on everyone from Lady Gaga to Scarlett Johansson lately these shades are HOT!

(above: Model Dree Hemingway in modified cat’s eye glasses)

(Budget tip:  Are the brand names and thoughts of prices scaring you?  Most of these shapes and styles can be found at Fred Flare  and H&M for under $20)

No matter what shape you choose remember to have fun with it! Sunglasses shouldn’t be just an accessory!  They should complete and compliment your look and personality.

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