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Wear a Mask but Make it Fashion

Johnny Was Face Mask

The fashion world has really stepped it up in this time of need- many shifting their production facilities from manufacturing clothing to producing non-medical grade face masks.

There is a big demand for cloth masks, not only does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) masks in public settings to help slow the spread of COVID-19 many states, retailers and restaurants actually require them.

Cloth non-medical grade masks, unlike the boxes of disposable masks that are sold out everywhere, are machine-washable which means they can be reused multiple times. While they may not be as cheap as the disposable ones, they’re certainly more sustainable.

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be writing an article about stylish PPE face masks but here we are folks.

Wear a mask but make it fashion, I mean if we have to wear them we should at least try to look stylish, right?

My favorite designer of all things bohemian, Johnny Was, has come to our rescue with their totally stylish cloth masks and “Let’s Protect Each Other” campaign.  For every pack of masks sold, the brand has committed to donating a pack to someone on the front lines in need of protection within the community.

Made from 100% repurposed fabrics each mask has a pleated silhouette and interior pocket for an additional filter (if you wish to add one).

Designer Face Masks

Face Mask with filter Pocket

Johnny Was face masks have a washable silk exterior and cotton interior with elastic side bands. The non-medical grade masks come in a pack of 5 ($25) or a pack of 50($250), all in varying prints.

These prints are so chic you don’t even mind wearing them.

Johnny Was Face Mask 5 Pack

Pretty Face Masks

Johnny Was Face Protective Mask

New to wearing face masks? Make sure to wash them regularly with detergent in warm water in the washing machine and then let them air dry. I wash after each use and then lay them in the sun to dry.

Grab a pack for yourself while giving back to first responders, available at Johnny Was Fashion Show.

FASHION SHOW cares about your shopping experience.

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*This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Johnny Was Face Masks