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New Dropit Service at Las Vegas North Premium Outlets

One of my least favorite things about shopping is lugging all my purchases around- especially when I’m prepping for a shoot, have other plans that day or when it’s just plain hot outside!

Las Vegas North Premium Outlets has an AMAZING solution for those shopping woes, they just launched a brand new service called Dropit when you can have your purchases delivered right to your door!

It blends the benefits of online and in-store shopping with delivery and no bags to carry!

That’s right- you shop, then drop and they will deliver it to you! Whether you’re visiting just one store or many, they take the hassle out of shopping so your trip is easier, lighter and more

Yes Please!

Just Download the Dropit App and shop away.

There are two ways to DROPit.

  1. At a Participating Retailer- Look for the Dropit logo in participating retailer’s windows (or pick up at list at Guest services) and you can Drop the purchase you made right there in the store
  2. At Guest Services- you can Drop from any retailer at Guest Services.

Once you have made your purchase open the Dropit app and scan the QR Code to select your location- either in-store or at Guest Services.

Next the app will ask you to snap a pic of your receipts.  Use the + symbol to add multiple receipts.

Then Scan the barcode on the Dropit Bag (which will be provided by the Retailer or Guest Services).

and drop your purchases into the bag, seal it, leave it and continue about your day.

The package will be delivered to your door within the time frame you selected in the app!

So easy, convenient and it kind of feels like you received a present when it arrive lol.

Check the service out for yourself at the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets.